About Us

What is Footwearpair?

Hello, there!

Welcome to Footwearpair. It’s the warehouse of all the latest and premium quality work boots. Here we have collected different types of specialized and high-quality work boots to meet different types of people’s requirements. Whether you have flat feet, bad knees, high arches, etc. here in Footwearpair, you’ll find all types of specialized work boots for your need.

Footwearpair has a team of expert people to find the best work boot for you. The team finds the best work boot through deep research and investigation.  Before listing any work boot on our site, we ensure its durability and quality first. Our ultimate goal is to guide you to the best work boot according to your budget and requirements without wasting your time and energy.

Our Review Process

Finding the right work boot is crucial to ensure your safety and comfort at the worksite. As the majority of our team members are somehow related to different types of work, we know how important it is to find the right pair of work boots.

Therefore, to guide you to the best work boot, we build a team of expert people who have in-depth knowledge about work boots practically and theoretically. We divided our team members into different subgroups and appoint them with different tasks based on their expertise.

A group of team members investigates the product and market and selects the top quality product that is most popular among its consumer. After product selection, the expert group analysis the product’s features and characteristics and pick the final product that meets all the requirements.

Then the expert group forwards the data to the writing and editorial panel to cross-check the analyzed data and write an in-depth review of the product with a complete buying guideline.

Who We Are?


Kevin Shivers

Kevin is the chief editor of this site, Footwearpair. He was a quality in charge of a renowned footwear manufacturing industry for almost five years. Then quit his job and started his own business, where he sells different work boots from different brands.

Apart from that, he’s a passionate blogger and research writer who loves to write about topics he deals with in his everyday life. Kevin created this site, Footwearpair, to share the knowledge and experience that he gathered through the job, business and research.

While operating his business, he saw that most customers don’t have adequate knowledge while purchasing the work boot. As a result, they are buying the wrong one and don’t get the expected result. It’s one of the main things that motivates him to create this site to share his knowledge with a broader audience.

Staff Writer

John Hutchins

John is the human resource manager of a giant construction site company. Ensuring workers’ safety is one of his responsibility. After several accidents occurring in the construction site of John’s company, investigations show that all of them were not wearing the right work boot.

From that time, John started research on this and learned a lot about work boots. Another identity of John is he’s a friend of Kevin, and after creating this site, Footwearpair, Kevin request him to join us, and John gladly accepts the proposal. Now he’s working with us as a research writer and leading the expert team.

Mitchell McGurk

Mitchell is one of our staff writers. He’s working with us from the beginning of our journey. After completing his English literature and linguistics graduation, he worked for many magazines and writing agencies as a creative writer. He’s very passionate about writing, and he has magical writing skills. Mitchell makes things very simple and more accessible for the readers, and that’s what influences us to hire him for our team.


Internet is full of misleading information, and that’s why we can’t share anything with you without the fact-checking of the data. Every review goes through a systematic process; then again, our editorial team examines all the content to ensure no inconsistency or misleading information. One thing you can always rely on us is that we’re never going to break your trust.

Editorial Guidelines

We have to follow editorial guidelines for every review and content, as our ultimate goal is to guide you to the right product with accurate information. We make sure every content is focused on its topic; they are easy to understand and free from misinformation.

Here at Footwearpair, you can always be sure that we will never waste your time with any poorly written content. All the information you find here are cross-checked multiple time, and all of them are written and edited by an expert.