Best Work Boots for Sweaty Feet Review in 2022 – Top 10 Picks!

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If you are a worker who spends all day on their feet, it is likely that one of your biggest concerns is sweaty and uncomfortable feet.

Further, this can be a major issue for people in the summer when temperatures are high or in work environments where air conditioning is not always available. When you are not walking around, you are standing still and shifting your weight from one foot to the other. All of this movement is bound to make your feet sweat. It’s gross!

If the thought of sweaty feet doesn’t sound like a pleasant one, you may want to invest in your Boots! There are numerous boots to choose from, but not all of them will be the best choice for sweaty feet.

The best work boots for sweaty feet are ones that allow your foot to breathe while wearing them through long hours on their feet. So, which one should you pick? Let us help you find a pair of comfortable boots that won’t leave your feet feeling moist or clammy.

Best Overall
Thorogood Men’s 1957 Series 8″ Steel Toe
Thorogood Men’s 1957 Series 8″ Steel Toe
  • Made of 100% full-grain breathable leather that prevents sweat from accumulating inside the boot.
  • It has a shock absorption footbed that wicks away sweat and moisture and absorbs impacts.
  • The Goodyear storm welt construction makes this boot waterproof, and moisture-wicking lining pulls the sweat inside the boot. 
  • It features a lightweight steel safety toe to protect your feet. 
  • MAXWear Wedge slip-resistant outsole to keep you stable on all surfaces.
Best for Summer
Muck Boot Chore Men’s Rubber Work Boot
Muck Boot Chore Men’s Rubber Work Boot
  • Top to bottom 100% rubber is made to protect you from all types of falling objects.
  • It uses XPRESS COOL Evaporative cooling liner to keep your feet cool inside the boot.
  • The boot is 100% waterproof because of its 100% rubber construction.
  • It features triple toe reinforcement with a steel shank to protect your feet from workplace hazards.
  • The outsole of this boot is very easy to clean compared to any other work boot.
Best for Wearing All Day Long
KEEN Utility Men’s Lansing
KEEN Utility Men’s Lansing
  • Made of 100% textile material for lightweight and more durability. 
  • It features a removable insole to adjust comfort and relief from sweaty feet. 
  • The boot uses KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane technology to make it waterproof and Man’s Lansing mesh liner to make it breathable. 
  • It also uses CLEANSPORT NXT technology to protect you from the odor caused by sweaty feet. 
  • Rubber sole to keep you stable over all types of surfaces.

Why Do My Feet Sweat in Work Boots?

There are a few reasons why your feet sweat in work boots. The most common reason is that the work boots are not properly fitted to your feet. When they are too tight, it restricts airflow and causes your feet to sweat. Moreover, tight shoes also cause your feet to overheat.

Why Do My Feet Sweat in Work Boots

Work boots that are made from synthetic materials can also cause your feet to sweat because they don’t allow your skin to breathe. Further, if you are wearing the wrong type of socks with your work boots, this can also cause your feet to sweat.

Additionally, if you are not used to wearing heavy boots all day, your feet may start to sweat as a result of the added pressure and heat. Besides, if you are not used to wearing work boots for a full day at a time, your feet will need some time to adjust.

Furthermore, if your workplace is warm, and you are involved with a physically demanding job, you then see a puddle of sweat collecting under your toes. However, the best way to avoid sweaty feet when wearing work boots is to find a style made from a breathable material.

You may also need to experiment with different brands of work boots until you find a pair that does not make your feet sweat.

What Are the Best Work Boots for Sweaty Feet?

Finding the proper work boots is crucial if you don’t want to work with sweaty feet. Sweaty feet are a very common problem for workers, and it reduces productivity to a great extent. While you look for work boots, you’ll find tons of options that will protect you from workplace hazards. But not all of these boots are designed to wick away the sweats accumulated from your feet.

However, now that you are here, don’t worry about your sweaty feet anymore. Our expert team brings the best work boots for sweaty feet that are lightweight, comfortable, and made of breathable materials. Have a look.

10 Best Work Boots for Sweaty Feet Reviews 2022

Since everyone has different needs when it comes to their footwear requirements, there’s no one size fits all solution. However, after extensive research on this topic, we have come up with a list of the 10 top work boots for sweaty feet.

Best Work Boots for Sweaty Feet

1. Best Overall: Thorogood Men’s 1957 Series 8″ Steel Toe

If you are browsing for a good, solid pair of work boots for sweaty feet, Thorogood Men’s 1957 Series will not disappoint you. This pair of footwear is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a tough, all-weather boot that will keep their feet dry and protected on the job site. Not only are they made with quality materials and construction, but they are also stylish and comfortable.

Briar Pitstop Briar Pitstop
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Available Size: Available Size:

Thorogood Men’s 1957 Series 8″ Steel Toe Specification

Dimensions of the Boot ‎8 x 4 x 12 inches
Weight 5 Pounds
Height 8″
Waterproof X-Stream Wearproof
Available size 8-14
EH (Electrical Hazard)/SD (Static Dissipative) EH
Shank Fiberglass shank
Outsole single-density polyurethane Maxwear Wedge
Leather type Full-grain leather

Features & Benefits:

  • Origin: Thorogood shoes are proudly made in America! A lot of proficient and dedicated craftsmen work on their Wisconsin plant to make those excellent work boots.
  • Materials: Full-grain leather and fiberglass shank are the two materials that make this pair of boots durable. The fiberglass shank construction helps to flex and provide the needed strength even in heavy duress. Further, soft lining breathable membrane and memory foam footbed give the maximum comfortability.
  • Breathability: The full-grain leather gives you the breathable feature for sweaty feet, while the moc toe boot design gives you the ultimate comfortability.
  • Shock absorption footbed: If you wear the Thorogood 1957 series work boot, you no longer need to worry about your sweaty feet. It has a removable shock absorption footbed made of dual-density polyurethane and is placed under the heel to wick away all the moisture and sweat of your feet and absorb the impacts.
  • Ankle support: With flexible 8-inch ankle support, this shoe is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their ankle secure in a rough workplace
  • Waterproof: It is the worst nightmare when water leaks in a work boot, especially if your feet are sweaty. This can result in you having a stinky foot and your boot also getting stinky. Thorogood Men’s 1957 Series comes with Goodyear storm welt construction which gives you the ultimate waterproof feature so that liquids and water stay at the bay. Besides, moisture-wicking lining material pulls sweat away.
  • Steel safety toe: Although the toe has steel in it for maximum safety, it is lightweight and flexible. The lightweight gives you relief from taking extra pressure on your toe. As a result, your toe doesn’t sweat even in hot scorching weather.
  • Slip-resistant: The outsole of Thorogood 1957 Series 8″ has MAXWear Wedge slip-resistant traction, which also flexes better than other boots. Hence, your feet stay safe on the wet, flat and oily surface, even on the greasy floor.

It is perfect for carpenters, electricians, crane operators, construction workers, ironworkers, or anyone else who wants a durable and comfortable go-to best work boots for sweaty feet.

2. Best for Comfortability: Thorogood 1957 Series 6″ Steel Toe

This pair of work boots are great for comfortability even if you bend your toe at any angle. The boot is made of full-grain waterproof leather with a gusseted tongue to protect your feet from water, snow, mud. Moreover, inside the boot has a moisture-wicking lining to wick away all the sweat and moisture. Plus, its GOODYEAR STORM WELT CONSTRUCTION makes this boot moisture seal between the upper and midsole.

Briar Pitstop Briar Pitstop
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Available Size: Available Size:

Thorogood 1957 Series 6″ Steel Toe Specification

Dimensions of the Boot‏ 8 x 4 x 12 inches
Weight 2.38 Pounds
Height 6″
Waterproof Yes
Available size 8-14
EH (Electrical Hazard)/SD (Static Dissipative) EH
Shank Composite
Outsole MAXWear Wedge slip-resistant outsole
Leather type Full-grain leather
Insulation Non-Insulated

Features & Benefits

  • Materials: It is made with 100% full-grain leather. Further, it features a soft moisture-wicking lining material with a breathable membrane that helps to keep your feet dry.
  • Waterproof: Thorogood 1957 Series 6″ Steel Toe work boot is made with waterproof leather and has a gusseted tongue that can stop water from coming inside the boot. The middle of the upper and midsole has GOODYEAR STORM WELT CONSTRUCTION. Therefore, it provides a moisture seal. Additionally, the moisture-wicking lining material pulls the sweat away.
  • Removable memory foam: The footbed is equipped with memory foam, which you can remove to adjust comfort. It’s designed to ensure your comfort while working for a long time. The memory foam footbed evenly distributes your weight across your whole foot so that you’ll feel less pressure on your feet.
  • Slip-resistant synthetic sole: The MaxWear wedge synthetic outsole gives definitive traction on any slippery surfaces such as grass and mud. Furthermore, the synthetic sole also lasts longer compared to the blown rubber outsoles. Besides, it is also highly flexible and provides extra care to your feet and ankles on any difficult surfaces.
  • Steel safety toe: Steel safety toe provides ultimate protection for anyone who has to work on dangerous and hazardous sites. It protects you from both impact and compression hazards while being lightweight, flexible, and easy to wear!
  • 75″ Shaft: The Thorogood 1957 Series 6” Waterproof Steel Toe work boot has 6.75” shaft from the arc. This can protect your ankle and shin from hazards.
  • Durable: While this boot emphasizes comfortability, it is also durable even in tough punishing jobs. Additionally, a high-quality, durable, breathable moc toe is good for someone who is struggling with sweaty feet.
  • Shock absorption footbed: Thorogood 1957 Series 6″ work boot contains dual-density polyurethane under the heels which wick away all the moisture and sweat of your feet. Plus, it also assists in absorbing the impact of your feet.
  • Fiberglass shank: It provides flexibility as well as strength so that the shoe can maintain its shape even in heavy duress. Besides, the 8” ankle support gives ultimate safety to your ankles.
  • Safety standards: This pair of boots meet ASTM F2892-18 or ASTM F2413-18 for electrical hazard safety standards. Besides, it also meets ASTM F2413-18 for safety toe and ASTM F3445-21 for slip resistance standards.

If you seek comfortability while working on wet, flat, and oily surfaces, Thorogood 1957 Series 6″ Steel Toe is the one of a kind you are looking for. Moreover, the job-fitted design is perfect for the crane operator, plant operator, construction worker, welder, plumber, and anyone who is involved with tough dirty jobs.

3. Best for Flexibility: Bates Men’s Gx-8 Gore-Tex

This work boot is a good option for anyone looking to protect their feet on the job without compromising flexibility and comfort. It has a waterproof, breathable liner that protects your feet from water and moisture while still wicking away sweat.

Black Black
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Available Size: Available Size:

Bates Men’s Gx-8 Gore-Tex Specification

Dimensions of the Boot‏ 12 x 4 x 8 inches
Weight 3 Pounds
Material 70% Leather/30% Nylon
Height 8″
Waterproof Yes
Available size 7-14
Shank Non-metallic
Outsole Rubber
Leather type Full-grain leather

Features & Benefits

  • Composite toe: It comes with a non-metallic composite toe that is ASTM F2413-11 rated. Therefore, they can flex under impact and evenly spread the load to the side as well as the front walls of the boot.
  • Gore-Tex: If you are looking for something that will keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long, Bates has you covered with their Gore-Tex breathable lining. Its interior moisture-wicking lining will help you to keep your feet dry, especially if you have feet that are sweaty.
  • Side zipper: The nylon side zipper gives you the opportunity for a quick and easy on and off. Additionally, you can even unzip it slightly to get more air in your feet if you have a sweaty feet problem.
  • Rubber outsole: The outsole has a slip-resistant rubber for maximum traction and stability. So, it doesn’t matter if your workplace is flat, wet, oily surface or slippery floor; the strong traction and firm grip of rubber sole keep your feet safe in all conditions.
  • Cement Construction: Due to the cement construction, the boot weighs around 3 pounds. Therefore, this pair of work boots is flexible and lightweight. So, your feet will not sweat as you don’t need to take any extra weight.
  • Waterproof: The full-grain leather is highly waterproof, and nylon-made protective panels give you safety from water and moisture.
  • EVA cushioned midsole: Bates Men’s Gx-8 has a removable cushioned midsole that can give you extra comfortability. This will improve your performance with increased flexibility.

If you need to take on and off your boots frequently at your workplace, the YKK side zipper of this boot will give you the ultimate flexibility. In addition, the boots meet all the safety requirements of a work boot and are capable of protecting your feet from all workplace hazards. The breathable, waterproof moisture-wicking liner keeps your feet away from sweat.

4. Best for Medium Duty: KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh 6″ Work Boot

This pair of waterproof work boots for men are ready to keep you safe. Further, the asymmetrical steel toes and a stability plate give this classic style some extra oomph, while reflective webbing keeps your footing sure in any conditions. It uses a KEEN Dry technology breathable membrane to block the water and let the moisture and vapor out from your boot to keep your feet sweat-free.

Slate Black/Slate Black Black
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KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh 6″ Work Boot Specification

Dimensions of the Boot‏ 12 x 4 x 8 inches
Material 100% Nubuck Leather
Weight 4 Pounds
Height 6″
Waterproof Yes
Available size 7-15
Shank Stability plate
Outsole Rubber
Heel 90degree

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof: Its 100% Nubuck leather material provides ultimate safety from the water. Moreover, the KEEN. Dry technology offers a breathable membrane that eventually lets the vapor out by blocking the water. Hence, if you have sweaty feet, the vapor will help you to keep your feet dry.
  • Asymmetrical steel-toe: It is a special feature that helps to fit your right and left foot perfectly. Nevertheless, the asymmetrical feature lets your toes spread out and breathe. Therefore, it is a savior for sweaty feet.
  • Reflective webbing: Reflective webbing on shoes is used for safety and the increased visibility that it provides to those around. So, if you work in a dark place, reflective webbing will keep you safe from any unwanted incident.
  • Key-Tech: The stability plate in the boot provides protection for your feet and ankles, helping to maintain balance while running. In addition to that, midfoot and foreword support prevent injuries.
  • 90 Degree heel: Men’s Pittsburgh 6″ has a 90-degree heel that can easily give you stability on a ladder as the heel supports against the rungs of the ladder.
  • Slip-resistant: It has a non-marking rubber outsole, which makes the Pittsburgh 6″ Work Boot slip and oil resistant.
  • Locking metal lace hooks: You can lock the laces in the place where you put them. For instance, you can lace the strings up, and after that hook it on the top while you leave them untied.
  • EVA footbed: The removable metatomical footbed gives you a stable condition even if your feet are sweaty. Hence, you, the footbed, will endure all challenges.

Comes in four different color combinations. It is a medium-duty work boot for the energy, landscaping, utilities, construction, and maintenance workers.

5. Best for Wearing All Day Long: KEEN Utility Men’s Lansing

This pair of waterproof work boots are designed with a steel toe for safety and a waterproof membrane for keeping your feet dry. Plus, a TPU shank for midfoot support provides extra cushioning. Hence, you will be able to stay comfortable on your feet all day long in these boots.

Raven/Tawny Olive Cascade Brown/Brindle
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Available Size: Available Size:

KEEN Utility Men’s Lansing Specification

Boot dimensions‏ 13.39 x 12.09 x 5.12 inches
Weight 1.44 Pounds
Height 5.5″
Waterproof Yes
Available size 7-15
Shank Torsional stability shank
Outsole Rubber
Collar Height 4.0 in
Opening measure 12”

Features & Benefits

  • Removable insole: It makes the work boot fit better. Sometimes, the insoles can make your feet sweat. So, the removable insole feature can give you the opportunity to change the insole according to your comfortability. Therefore, changing the insole will help to get relief from sweaty feet.
  • Waterproof: The boot uses KEEN.DRY technology – an innovative waterproof membrane that lets vapor escape. However, it keeps water and soil away from your feet to stay dry all day long. Moreover, the Man’s Lansing mesh liner mixes with a waterproof membrane.
  • Breathable: KEEN Utility steel toe work boots are designed in a way that gives all-day comfort, even for sweaty feet. Men’s Lansing’s breathable membrane makes it the breathable work boots for sweaty feet.
  • Moisture-wicking 100% textile lining: It helps to keep your feet dry. On top of that, the probiotic-based natural technology CLEAN SPORT NXT gives protection from odor due to sweaty feet.
  • Traction: This work boot achieved the ASTM F2913 SATRA and ASTM F1677 MARK II Non-Slip Testing Standards. Therefore, these steel toe boots emerge as oil and slip-resistant.
  • Steel toe: The left and right asymmetrical steel toe design of this boot give you a roomier fit with maximum comfort.
  • Electrical hazard: The outsole has been designed with an innovative under foot protection feature that helps to reduce the risk of electric shock. Moreover, the TPU stability shank provides extra support to shock reduction.
  • Reflective safety features: The entire length of the boot has a reflection safety feature which adds extra visibility at night. So that you can be visible at night in the road construction work.

Whoever has to wear boots all day long, KEEN Utility Men’s Lansing can give them the ultimate stability and comfortability at work. Its KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane technology keeps your feet dry by letting moisture escape. Moreover, the CLEAN SPORT NXT keeps your feet odor less caused by sweat.

6. Best for Winter: Thorogood Infinity FD Series 8″

These 8″ Thorogood Infinity Series work boots are designed to keep you on your feet regardless of your workplace and workload. On top of that, you will also get the needed protection through the composite shank, full-grain leather, Thinsulate insulated lining and composite safety toe. The boot is completely waterproof that protects your feet from snow, water, mud, etc. Plus, the moisture-wicking lining of this boot keeps all the sweat away from your feet.

Studhorse Studhorse
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Available Size: Available Size:

Thorogood Infinity FD Series 8″ Specification

Boot dimensions‏ 17.01 x 15.04 x 5.71 inches
Weight 5.27 Pounds
Height 8″
Waterproof Yes
Available size 8-14
Shank Composite
EH (Electrical Hazard)/SD (Static Dissipative): EH
Outsole Slip-resistant traction outsole

Features & Benefits

  • Durable: If you are looking for a durable, comfortable, and efficient boot that will hold up against the toughest conditions, then Thorogood’s Infinity line is what your feet have been searching for. Its full-grain leather gives you the ultimate durability.
  • Full-grain leather: The infinity 8-inch breathable insulated material gives comfort when you are busy with the tough punishing jobs in a challenging condition.
  • Insulated lining: The Infinity FD Series has 400G thin insulated lining that provides the moisture-wicking feature. This eventually keeps your sweaty feet warm and dry during the winter or through heavy work.
  • Waterproof: While the robust full-grain leather gives you the waterproof feature, the gusted tongue also adds extra support when it comes to working in a watery place.
  • Anti-Friction footbed: The removable anti-friction footbed is made from polyurethane that has been specially engineered to provide a comfortable walk right out of the box. Hence, polyurethane absorbs moisture and keeps your sweaty feet dry.
  • Composite safety toe: The toe is designed in a way that it becomes flexible and light while also protecting your feet from any sort of onsite impact and hazards. Further, it meets the ASTM F2413-18 safety toe standards.
  • Slip-resistant traction: To offer slip-resistant traction, Infinity has FD flex-drive slip-resistant grip outsole. This offers a self-cleaning and multi traction feature, which makes it a tough work boot for any work condition. Furthermore, when you take a step, FD Series’ high rebound sole gets your energy up!
  • 51% welt construction: It allows the shoe to flex in the toe while giving stability to the heel. Moreover, the welt construction also provides an enhanced moisture seal in between the upper and midsole. Eventually, it allows some air in the shoe and gives relief for sweaty feet.

This specific pair of work boots is perfect winter work boots for sweaty feet as the insulated lining helps to keep your foot warm. Moreover, if you have a sweaty feet problem even in the cold weather, Infinity FD Series will help you out.

7. Best for Summer: Muck Boot Chore Men’s Rubber Work Boot

These mid-height work boots are perfect for the guy who wants to be able to get on with his job without having a fuss on the hot summer day. Along with all other properties it has Xpress Cool lining to wicks away all the sweat and moisture inside the boot and keep your feet dry and cool.

Brown Brown
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Muck Boot Chore Men’s Rubber Work Boot Specification

Boot dimensions 16.14 x 11.81 x 4.53 inches
Weight 3.75 Pounds
Waterproof Yes
Available size 6-17
Shank Steel Shank
Outsole Vibram rubber

Features & Benefits

  • Cooling Liner: Since the shaft of this boot is 12 inches, one might get worried about the moisture inside the boot. However, Muck XPRESS COOL Evaporative cooling liner helps spread and absorb the moisture through the boot lining. Therefore, it boosts the evaporative drying rate. So, your sweaty feet will dry fast, and the temperature will remain between 4 °C to 35 °C.
  • 100% Rubber: Top to bottom, the work boot is made with 100% rubber material. Hence, you will get a better grip while protecting yourself against any falling object.
  • Waterproof: As Muck Boot is made with Rubber, it is 100% waterproof by nature. Moreover, the 4 mm neoprene supports excellent waterproofing. Further, the 12-inch shaft gives you protection from high water flow too.
  • Heel Reinforcement: It comes with quadruple rubber heel reinforcement, which gives comfort in foot pain. Eventually, discomfort can be fixed by reinforcement. However, if the heels are too big you will need to lift them while walking.
  • Triple Toe Reinforcement: The reinforced toe and heel area is equipped with additional arch support to give you the protection that’s necessary.
  • Lightweight and Flexible: Due to the 4mm neoprene, Muck Boots are lightweight and flexible. As a result, you don’t need to carry extra pounds on your feet. As a result, your feet will not produce any sweat.
  • Steel shank: Unlike the steel toes, sheet shank doesn’t add extra weight to your boots. It can keep your feet safe from any unwanted puncture wounds.
  • Quick cleaning outsole: Unlike other work boots, you don’t need to waste much time to clean the outsole of Muck Boot Chore Men’s Rubber Work Boot. Instead, the quick cleaning feature lets you clean the boot fast and focus on other important stuff.

If you are looking for summer work boots for sweaty feet then Muck Boot Chore Men’s Rubber Work Boot will be a great choice. It has a Muck XPRESS COOL Evaporative cooling liner to wick away all the moisture and sweat inside the boot.

8. Best for Budget Buyer: Carhartt Men’s Traditional Welt 6″

These steel toe work boots are well constructed and rugged. Further, the soles of these boots are engineered to be durable, with a rugged exterior that will keep you safe from harm. Additionally, all seams have been double stitched for maximum protection against wear and tear. Moreover, it uses FastDry Technology linings to wick away all the moisture and sweat from the boot.

Crazy Horse Brown Oil Tanned Dark Bison Oil Tanned
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Available Size: Available Size:

Carhartt Men’s Traditional Welt 6″ Specification

Boot dimensions 13.6 x 11.9 x 5.3 inches
Weight 1.7 Pounds
Height 6″
Available size 8-15
Shank Steel shank
Outsole Rubber

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Leather: This work boot is made with 100% leather. So, you can soak it and dry it on a boot dryer without having any tears and cracks.
  • Removable insole: If you are not comfortable with the insole that comes out of the box, you can change it for a better one, especially if you have a sweaty feet problem. Using an upgraded insole with this boot will help you to dry your feet.
  • Cushioned collar: 5″ shaft will give you enough space for the airflow in the boot. Besides, the cushioned collar will definitely give you comfort. Moreover, the comfortable cushions will refrain your feet from being sweaty.
  • Rubber sole: The rubber sole provides superior longevity while it is slip resistant for slippery and uneven surfaces. Additionally, the rubber sole is also water-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Steel shank: The boot has a steel shank in the sole, which provides a firm foundation to stand on, preventing falls and improving stability.
  • Electrical hazard (EH) protection: For those of us who wear our feet to work every day, it’s important that they stay comfortable and protected. That is why Carhartt manufactures footwear with non-conductive soles. Besides, it also provides an electric shock resistance feature.

Carhartt Men’s Traditional Welt 6″ steel toe boot is a perfect choice for the people who want a budget-friendly 100% leather boot which is rugged too.

9. Best Lightweight: NAT’S S620 100% Waterproof Steel Toe Boots

NAT’s S620 100% waterproof steel toe boots for men are designed to be comfortable and durable. This pair of boots is perfect when you need to work long hours in a flexible style. With a water-repelling surface that ensures you stay dry all day long, this is the kind of shoe every hardworking individual needs in their wardrobe!

Kaki Black
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Available Size: Available Size:

NAT’S S620 100% Waterproof Steel Toe Boots Specification

Boot dimensions‏ 11.3 x 4.3 x 8.5 inches
Weight 2.3 Pounds
Height 8″
Waterproof Breathable waterproof membrane
Available size 7-13
Outsole Double density

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra Lightweight: Nat’s lightweight anti-fatigue steel toe work boots are the perfect choice if you want to go on for longer without feeling fatigued. These men’s leather shoes weigh only 2.2 lbs per foot, so they will not drain extra energy from your body, allowing for better focus and concentration throughout each day!
  • Waterproof: The breathable waterproof membrane of this shoe is designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable no matter what. Yet, it also evacuates moisture so that you stay comfortable no matter how hard the workday goes. Hence, the waterproof membrane will absorb your sweat from your feet.
  • Helcor leather: These men’s work and safety boots come equipped with high-quality, durable Helcor leather parts that make them long lasting. This also gives you a high wear resistance as well as keeping you firm on a slippery surface.
  • High strength sewing threads: While it is made with the durable leather, the high strength sewing threads add stability to NAT’S S620’s robustness.
  • Shock & vibration absorption: NAT’s S620’s tough, durable steel toe work boots are perfect for keeping you safe on the job. With an extra-dense outsole and TPU reinforced heel cap, these men’s safety shoes will last longer than the competitors.
  • CSA approved: With the CSA’s approval, NAT’S S620 men’s work boot has been recommended as the best boot for electrician workers.

This pair of work boots is suitable for warehouse, factory, or construction site workers. So, if you fall into any of these categories, it will be perfect for you.

10. Best for All Weather: RockRooster Work Boots for Men

If you are looking for a work boot that will keep your feet safe and dry, then look no further than the ROCKROOSTER Work Boots. Made with water-resistant leather, these boots are designed to protect against any type of weather condition thrown at them. The steel toe is durable enough to withstand heavy objects, while the slip-on design makes it easy to take off after long days on the job site.

soft Toe Steel Toe
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Available Size: Available Size:

RockRooster Work Boots  Specification

Boot dimensions‏ 11.81 x 11.02 x 4.72 inches
Weight 2.65 Pounds
Height 6″
Waterproof Water-resistant
Available size 4-15
Shank Steel shank midsole.
Outsole Non-slip TPU Outsole
Leather type Full-grain leather

Features & Benefits

  • Coolmax: This work boot is made with CoolMax technology, which absorbs the moisture from the skin and keeps it dry and cool during hot days. Furthermore, the fiber structures work as an insulator on cold days. So, if you have a sweaty feet problem, you will be benefited in both summer and winter.
  • PORON Xrd: RockRooster Work Boots is manufactured with a special material Poron XRD that offers comfort, protection, and breathable features. Furthermore, it also makes the boot lightweight, thin and durable.
  • Slip Resistant: ROCKROOSTER Work Boots has a slip-resistant outsole, but initially, it is coated with special silicon oil to prevent damage in shipping. However, for smooth use, you can remove the coating with a towel.
  • Full-grain leather: It provides water resistance durability. Moreover, the full-grain leather also gives comfortability so that your feet don’t get sweaty even in the hot weather.
  • Wide width: RockRooster Work Boot has a wide width, which gives spacious space for your toes. As a result, toes don’t feel cramped.
  • Steel toe cap: This pair of work boots have an American Standard ASTM F2413 toecap that keeps your foot safe in any work condition.
  • Anti-fatigue memory foam insole: It provides ultimate comfort and support through the anatomically contoured footbed cradles. Furthermore, the memory foam helps to keep your feet sweat free.
  • Water and oil resistant: The boot also contains nubuck leather, which makes the shoe oil and water resistant. On top of that, Oil Resistant Rockrooster TPU Outsole adds stability on an oily surface.

If you want a fashionable boot for your workplace for both winter and summer, RockRooster Work Boots will get you the best benefit.

How to Choose the Best Boots for Sweaty Feet?

No one wants sweaty feet, but it’s a common problem. Boots can make the problem worse by trapping sweat and heat. If you have sweaty feet, it’s important to choose the right boots to avoid discomfort and odor. Here are some tips for choosing the best boots for sweaty feet:

How to Choose the Best Boots for Sweaty Feet

Breathable materials

Choose boots made from breathable materials. Leather and other non-breathable materials can trap sweat and heat, leading to discomfort and odor. Look for boots made from materials like mesh or fabric that allow air to circulate. In addition to that, you can also pick a boot made of breathable materials.

Breathable materials


Choose a lightweight boot. Heavier boots can be more constricting and make your feet feel hot and sweaty. Choose a lightweight boot instead to help keep your feet cool.

Breathable liners

Opt for breathable liners. The liner of your boots can make a difference in how sweaty your feet get. Therefore, look for boots with breathable liners that wick away moisture and let air circulate, such as fleece or mesh liners. Mesh is often best because it’s lightweight and allows the most air to circulate around your feet.

Breathable liners


Make sure the boots are comfortable. This is arguably the most important factor when it comes to choosing a pair of work boots for sweaty feet. If the boots are uncomfortable, you are going to be less likely to wear them, which will only make your sweating problem worse. So, make sure to try on a few different styles and sizes until you find a pair that’s just right for you.

Boot height

The taller the boot, the less ventilation it will have. If you are looking for a hot weather boot, stick with something lower on the leg. Even in the winter, if your body temperature remains high, try to pick a boot that is lower on the leg.

Foot shape

Choose a style of boot that fits your foot shape. If you have wide feet, for example, then it’s important to choose a style of boot that will accommodate your width. This will help to reduce the amount of rubbing and friction that occurs when you walk, which can lead to sweaty feet.

Foot shape

Water-resistant materials

Make sure the boots are made from water-resistant materials. If you know you are going to work in wet weather, it’s important to choose a boot that will keep your feet dry. This can help to prevent the development of bacteria and fungus, which can lead to bad smells.

How Can I Keep My Feet from Sweating in Work Boots?

Your shoes are the only thing that touches your feet all day long. Working hard in the hot weather can make your feet sweaty and uncomfortable. Here are a few ways you can keep sweat from building up in your work boots:

Buy best breathable work boot

The best way to ensure that your feet stay dry is to wear breathable work boots. So sweat and humidity can escape as air through the top of your shoe and out through its bottom. Leather uppers with mesh panels or perforations allow for maximum breathability, helping to prevent heat from reflecting back onto your skin, which causes sweating. If you are seeking a lightweight boot that still protects against water penetration, rubberized finishes on toe boxes will help with that.

Wear absorbent socks

On hot days, you can wear breathable work boots without socks. Then you may dry socks during the break is a perfect solution that will prevent sweaty feet all day long. Wearing cotton-polyester blended socks during the summer keeps feet dry and comfortable.

Use shoe inserts

If your feet are always hot, you might want to buy some foot inserts for your shoes. Shoe inserts made from materials like spacer mesh will absorb sweat and keep it away from the inside of your boots or shoes. This not only prevents wetness but also reduces odors caused by bacteria breaking down sweat on your skin’s surface.

Use shoe inserts

Use foot powders

Choosing the right antiperspirant or foot powder can not only prevent foot sweating but also eliminate odors caused by bacteria breaking down sweat on your skin’s surface. Work boots with vents will allow your shoes to breathe, so you ultimately stay drier, and your feet smell better. Most powders and sprays designed for sweaty armpits are safe on the hands and feet. In addition to foot powder, talcum powder is a natural choice that helps keep moisture away from the skin.

Foot powder

Let your foot breath

If you are already wearing breathable work boots made from materials that wick away sweat, then all you need to do is keep them clean and dry. Wearing your work boots around the house can lead to sweat, odor, and bacteria buildup. After they have dried out, letting your shoes breathe overnight keeps odors at bay. You should also make sure to change into fresh socks every night.

Final Word

Most people don’t realize that work boots can really affect the comfort level when it’s hot outside. Sweaty feet are not only an annoyance, but they can also lead to fungal infections and other problems. Other than wearing sandals or none at all on days that are very warm, the best solution is to select a pair of work boots with lots of ventilation.

So, what are the best work boots for sweaty feet? Well, we will recommend Thorogood Men’s 1957 Series 8″ Steel Toe work boots for men. Anyone can wear this pair of boots regardless of the profession.

It’s full grain leather and toe moc toe boot design gives the breathability as well as comfortability for sweaty feet. Moreover, the safety steel toe and ankle support give you the ultimate safety at the workplace. Besides, if you don’t want to buy a spare boot, you can wear this all year round.

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