Are UGG Boots Waterproof? – Step by Step Guide.

If your boots get wet, many things can go wrong. You’ll feel uncomfortable while walking, and the stench that will emanate from wet shoes will be terrible. In addition to this, you might also be bothered about the possible damage water can cause to your boots. But can you wear a pair of ugg boots under the rain, are ugg boots waterproof ?

UGG boots were originally designed to provide warmth and comfort. While there are special ugg boots modified to withstand rain or snow, uggs are not originally waterproof. A popular way of making Uggs waterproof is by applying a suede polish or spray. However, you must understand that the resistance offered by polishes isn’t permanent.

This article discusses all you need to know about ugg boots and water. We’ll also discuss some features of this special footwear. Keep reading for details.

Article Summary:

  • Ugg boots are not originally waterproof, but there are special waterproof ugg boots.
  • If your uggs get exposed to water, never dry them under direct sunlight or heat sources.
  • You can make your non-water-resistant ugg boots water-resistant.
  • Ugg Adirondack boots are waterproof.

Are UGG Boots Waterproof?

One would really love to wear UGG boots given the warmth and comfort they provide the feet. They come with a cool style that gives the wearer a unique feel. But during the winter, it’s logical to worry about your uggs coming in contact with water.

Are UGG Boots Waterproof

So, are ugg boots waterproof? Classic ugg boots are made from the inner part of sheep skin, which offers little resistance to water. So, while your uggs might withstand some water on them for a while, they are not water-resistant. However, there are ugg classic waterproof boots that are waterproof.

Some common waterproof uggs you can get from the market are:

  • UGG Pax Waterproof Wedge Boots
  • UGG Adirondack III Waterproof Booties
  • UGG Adirondack II Waterproof Tall Boots
  • UGG Classic Genuine Shearling Lined Short Waterproof Boots
  • UGG Kesey Waterproof Boots
  • UGG Classic II Genuine Shearling Lined Tall Boots

But while you can get any of these special waterproof uggs from a shoe shop, you can also convert your non-waterproof uggs to waterproof ones. All you need to do is simply apply some waterproof spray for uggs on it. We’ll expand more on this under a different heading. Ugg boots will also make a great choice of breathable work boots for long-hour jobs.

UGG Waterproof boots for women

Most times, common uggs are unisex. But we found some amazing ugg waterproof boots for women that you might consider. Check the list below:

  •  UGG Women’s W Isley Patent Waterproof Fashion Boot
  • UGG Women’s Classic Mini L Waterproof
  • UGG Women’s Aya Waterproof Boot

UGG waterproof boots for men

We also found some ugg waterproof boots for men. Check our picks below:

  • Men’s Ugg Darius Brown Leather Suede Waterproof snow-insulated boots
  • UGG Hartsville Brown Leather Sheepskin Men’s
  • UGG Neumel Gore Tex Mens Olive Suede Chukka Boots

UGG Adirondack boots

These boots use a combination of suede on the exterior and seam-sealed leather underneath. In addition. So, are ugg Adirondack boots waterproof? UGG Adirondack boots have a waterproof membrane on their interior that makes them resistant to water, rain, snow, and the like.

How Do I Know If My UGG Boots Are Waterproof?

To know if your ugg boots are waterproof, spill some water on the exterior of one of your boots. If the water soaks the ugg, the boots are not waterproof. Waterproof uggs won’t absorb the water; the water droplets will simply run off the boots.

How Do I Know If My UGG Boots Are Waterproof

If you bought a classic ugg boot, your ugg boots are not waterproof. What we mean by classic ugg boots are boots with sheepskin leather. Sheepskin isn’t entirely waterproof; your uggs are not waterproof. But you can increase your ugg’s water resistance by applying some suede spray on it.

Features of UGG boots

Some special features of your ugg boots are responsible for the warmth and comfort you feel. Below are some key features of uggs that you should know.

  • The suede and leather outer surface (water-resistant in some cases).
  • Double insoles
  • Twinface sheepskin
  • Comfortable sheep fleece on the inside.
  • Synthetic outer sole

How to Waterproof UGG Boots

It can be quite frustrating to wear boots that will keep you warm during winter but can’t withstand the elements. This is mostly because of the characteristic snow, rain, and puddles at times like this.

How to Waterproof UGG Boots

But you can still increase your ugg’s water resistance through some simple steps. You just need waterproofing spray, a few items, and a little bit of your time. Read the steps below to learn how you can go about this.


  • Suede conditioner and cleaner
  • Suede brush
  • A clean piece of cloth (cotton preferably)
  • Suede waterproof spray or water repellent
  • Sponge
  • Cold water
  • Baking soda (not necessary)
  • Newspaper sheets

Step by step guide:

Step 1: Get your uggs ready

You can’t start applying polish on shoes you’ve not prepared. You must clean the shoes before applying any polish or any water-resistant on them. This helps you get rid of dirt particles that may affect the appearance of the shoes after the waterproofing.

Lay some sheets of newspaper to shield your floor from stains. After that, use your suede brush to thoroughly scrub the shoes to remove dirt, and use a small knife or something similar for tougher stains. If there are shiny stains, a suede eraser should help you get rid of them.

This brushing process also helps in softening the nap. However, you should skip this step and proceed with the next if your uggs are fresh out of the box.

Step 2: Get rid of any bad odors in the boots.

If you sweat a lot on your feet, your uggs will have some unpleasant odor. It may still smell slightly even if you don’t sweat. If you feel uncomfortable handling smelly boots, use baking soda to get rid of the smell.

To do this, simply pour some baking soda inside the shoes through the opening. Close the opening and shake one of the shoes till the powder spreads evenly. Repeat this for the next shoe – this should do away with the smell.

Step 3: Get the surface ready.

Once the outside surface is free of dirt or debris, get a piece of cotton cloth and dampen it with water. Note; the cloth should feel soft and moist to touch but not dripping. Use this piece of cloth to clean your boots evenly.

After that, moisten a sponge with cold water. Following this, add some suede cleaner to the damp sponge. A mix of white vinegar and plain water or 99% isopropyl alcohol should follow. Rub any of the two mixtures above on the boot until you have evenly covered the entire exterior surface. Mind you, the exterior of your boots is delicate. As such, rubbing too hard might damage the uggs. If there are any cleaner residues, use a damp piece of cloth to wipe them off.

Step 4: Dry the uggs

Place boot supports in the boots or stuff them filled with newspaper sheets and allow them to dry. Note that you mustn’t dry them in direct heat or sunlight, as this might negatively affect the boots. Apply a silica gel pack on the interior before stuffing to make the shoes dry faster. Alternatively, you can also use a boot drier if you have one. Other than this, allow the shoes to air-dry (this should last for about 24 hours).

Step 5: Apply your waterproof spray

Don’t just pick any waterproof spray off the shelf and apply them to your uggs. When choosing your spray, go for a waterproof spray that is specifically made for suede. There are also products that make your boots water-repellent without any side effects to the texture.

Moreover, while you can also use sponge-on, we recommend spray-on waterproofing. This is because of the extra convenience it offers. After the boots have completely dried, place them on newspaper sheets spread on the floor, and remove the boot support or paper fillers. If you use baking soda to deodorize them, turn the boots upside-down and shake until all the soda is out.

After this, stuff back the boots and evenly spray them at a separation of 6 to 8 inches from the spray nuzzle. Spray your uggs until they are damp and not soaked. After that, use any of the methods you used before to dry them. The drying process should also take 24 hours or more.

Step 6: Before using

After your uggs have sufficiently dried up, retrieve them and remove whatever you used to stuff them. After that, use a suede brush to brush them and make the nap appear even. Lastly, spray them with a suede spray and allow some minutes for them to dry.

Finally, you can now wear your homemade waterproof uggs in the rain or snow. However, we advise that you don’t let your boots stay soaked for too long.

What Happens If You Get UGG Boots Wet?

If your ugg boots are not waterproof, they might withstand some water exposure for a short while. But if you get your uggs wet and let them stay that way for long, it will loosen the adhesives used to bind the shoe parts together. Also, the outer suede part of the boots will lose its original shape.

You should bother about a lot if you run into rain, snow, or the like while on uggs. But if you were lucky enough to be wearing ugg classic waterproof boots, you should have less to worry about. Even if your uggs are not waterproof, you can still step in a shallow water puddle and not damage the boots because the soles are made of rubber and can withstand water.

How to Clean and Dry UGGs Boots That Got Wet?

Nobody likes to consider this part, but it’s almost inevitable – your precious uggs will come in contact with water in one way or the other. However, this doesn’t mean you should throw away your precious boots because there’s always a way out. Below are some tips to help you clean your wet uggs.

How to Clean and Dry UGGs Boots That Got Wet

Clean water exposure

If the water that got into your uggs was clean, then you should simply dry the uggs. But you mustn’t put your shoes in direct sunlight or heat as this will have undesirable effects on your uggs. The best way to dry your uggs is by placing them in a location at room temperature and allowing them to dry naturally. You can use a shoe drier if you have one.

Dirty water or mud

In situations like this, directly drying your uggs will leave stains when the boots get dry. Such stains will result from the debris contained in the water settling in your suede. For occasions where you entered the mud or any other form of dirty water with your uggs, here are the steps to follow.

  • If the water completely soaked your uggs, shake as much water off the boots. Continue to wring the boots until the water that comes out is almost negligible.
  • Clean the uggs with damp cotton until you can find traces of stains anymore. After this, stuff them with some newspaper sheets. The sheets will help your boots retain their shape after drying.
  • Leave the boots in an air-free environment at normal room temperature and allow them to dry. The drying process should last for a day or more, depending on the environment where you left the boots.
  • Once they are completely dried, you can apply some suede polish

Frequently Asked Questions

Are uggs waterproof for snow?

Normal uggs are not waterproof but may survive in the snow for a while. However, prolonged exposure of your uggs to snow will saturate them. You should get special waterproofed uggs if you walk in the snow for long. Also, you can make your Ugg boot waterproof by using a waterproofing spray. But not that these sprays resist moisture to a certain level.

Are Uggs good for snow and ice?

Wearing ugg boots in snow and ice isn’t comfortable and may freeze your feet. Uggs are designed to keep you warm in cold weather. However, this doesn’t extend to wearing them in direct contact with snow, ice, or similar substances.

Are Ugg boots good for walking?

Walking with uggs for extended periods will cause harm to your feet as well as the boots. Ugg boots are designed to give you warmth and comfort, but not the harsh exposure to hiking. They are best for lounging around the home as traditional uggs have poor arch support. They may be uncomfortable if you walk in them for long.

Do you wear socks with Uggs?

Uggs are made with an interior fabric that feels more like sheepskin, giving your skin a natural feeling of warmth. Thus, eliminating the need for socks. However, wearing socks might help you prevent odors from developing. The ultimate choice of using or not using socks with your uggs depends on you.

How long do ugg boots last?

A pair of brand new ugg boots should last you for about 5 to 20 year years. But how long your uggs last also depends on how well you maintain them. For your boots to last longer, you must keep them from excessive direct exposure to heat sources and water.


Ugg boots are known for the extra comfort they provide your feet, especially during cold weather. So are ugg boots waterproof? Even though UGGs offer comfort from the cold, they are not built with what it takes to withstand exposure to water. However, they may still withstand some water, but don’t let them stay wet for too long.

If you use your uggs for hiking in the snow, we recommend making your boots water-resistant. Also, while you mustn’t necessarily wear socks with uggs, socks will help prevent your uggs from getting smelly. Finally, if you accidentally got some water on your uggs, follow our tips above to dry and regain your boots.

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