Do Crocs Run Big – Crocs Sizing and Fit Guide

Everybody loves to wear crocs because it’s super comfortable, portable, very light, and easy to clean. Similar to other footwear, getting the right size of crocs for your feet is important; else, you can have foot fatigue. So, if you need crocs to wear for your everyday activities, you might need answers to questions like, do crocs run big? Can Crocs size up or down for half size?

Crocs usually come in variable shapes and sizes, but note that these shoes are produced to fit their stated sizes. Another thing is that this varies according to manufacturers and styles. Despite being true to size, many still ask certain questions like do crocs run big or small?

In this article, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about these comfortable pairs of shoes. In addition, we’ve outlined a guide for crocs shoes. Read on for more information.


  • Crocs are created to fit their stipulated sizes, but it also depends on the different brands and styles they provide. They are often spacious, foamy, and comfortable for the feet.
  • Crocs can shrink when exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat. Although, if you’re putting them on while being exposed to the sun, your feet will help to hold the shape.
  • Some various kinds of crocs are Crocs Classic, Crocs Bistro, Crocs Bistro Pro, Crocs All-Terrain, etc.
  • All Crocs shoes are supposed to fit snuggly around the feet. If the feet slip upon usage, it indicates that the user isn’t wearing the perfect size.
  • You can size up or down based on the type of crocs you purchase. However, it’s important to know that crocs shoes are generally true to size. Sizing up or down might be necessary if you consider the shoes’ stretching property.

Do Crocs Run Big?

Do Crocs Run Big? Usually, Crocs are created to fit their stipulated sizes, but it also depends on the different brands and styles they provide. They are often spacious, foamy, and comfortable for the feet. One thing to consider in an attempt to purchase some crocs shoes is their stretch-out characteristic. As a result, it might be necessary to size down when purchasing some.

Do Crocs Run Big

Furthermore, crocs shoe brands come in various categories and fittings. Now that you’re aware, these shoes don’t run big; getting familiar with the different fittings is essential. This will help you make the ideal choice for your next croc’s footwear. Generally, crocs shoes come in three main fits: relaxed, roomy, and standard. Here’s a detailed description of these fittings.

Relaxed Fitting

The relaxed-fitting of the crocs footwear comes in between the roomy and standard fits. One thing you can observe about these versions of the brand is the security they provide to the feet. In addition to this, they maximize the comfort you get upon wearing them.

Also, you’ll observe that there’s space around your feet and toes. You tend to feel more secure in this state than using the roomy fit version. Additionally, because these models are more spacious, buyers may need to size down a bit for a perfect fitting. This is because they usually come in slightly larger sizes rather than being true to size.

Roomy Fitting

This is the model that projects the core competency of Crocs. The roomy fitting is such that offers enough space for users to stretch their feet completely and not feel uncomfortable. The idea behind these versions is to allow users’ feet to receive adequate room on the sides and the end of the shoes. That’s why several users consider them one of the proper work shoes for flat feet.

Virtually all the crocs products that fall into this category have the underlying crocs clogs. That’s the included heel strap you’re quite familiar with. The heel strap, in this case, is crucial to keep the shoes attached to the feet.

Standard Fitting

These shoe versions seem to fail in the area of fitting snuggly. As a result, you might experience discomfort upon wearing them. However, in the case of providing good security for the feet, they’re the best bet.

If every other thing fails with these models, what stands sure, however, is that they won’t slip off the feet when in use. Likewise, if you get that slipping feeling from these brands, you most likely don’t have the right size. In a few cases, the standard fitting may slightly run down in size. However, this might be negligible for many, given that the changes are rather minute.

Different Types Of Crocs Shoes

There are different kinds of Crocs shoes for different uses. Let’s consider some distinct types of Crocs below.

  • Crocs Classic
  • Crocs Bistro
  • Crocs Bistro Pro
  • Crocs All-Terrain
  • Crocs On-the-Clock
  • Crocs LiteRide
  • Crocs Crocband
  • Crocs Specialist II
  • Crocs Baya

1. Crocs Classic

You can consider this crocs type as the underlying crocs standard style. In the toe region, there are wide openings that allow the flow of air. Also, the heel part is open and has a strap for adjusting the shoe fitting. In addition, they’re designed to have a spacious toe box and are generally true to size. However, they lack that narrow fitting you might wish to have.

Crocs Classic

But this brand has the lightest of weights when compared to the others. Typically, a man’s size 12 will weigh around 0.43 lb. for each foot.

2. Crocs Bistro

The crocs bistro comes with slip-resistance, a higher heel cup, and no ventilation holes on it. These added features make the Bistro Crocs an ideal option for working. Moreover, just like the Classic, Bistro has a spacious toe box and weighs more. The average weight of Bistro for a size 12 is around 0.73 lb. for each foot.

Crocs Bistro

3. Crocs Bistro Pro

The notable deviating factor is the added foam insoles in the Bistro Pro. This creates extra comfort underneath the feet. Moreover, this version also comes with an adjustable heel strap for necessary fitting adjustments. When it has to do with size, a size 12 men option weighs about 0.83 lb.

Crocs Bistro Pro

4. Crocs All-Terrain

The changes that distinguish this variant from the Classics make it fit for outdoor uses. One notable feature of the All-Terrains is the improved tread that supports a good grip for terrains. The All-Terrain Crocs come with a heel strap that allows users to adjust the shoe fitting. Another prominent feature of this option is the roomy fitting, which is quite similar to the Classics. Although they may have a heavier weight, they’re still light-weighted.

Crocs All-Terrain

5. Crocs On-the-Clock

The main purpose of the On-the-Clock version design is to make it pretty suitable for working. As a result, it incorporates the close heel and closed-toe features in it. Furthermore, it features a slip-on design, which replaces the heel strap adjustment. Moreover, this design makes it somewhat heavier than other variants of the Crocs shoes. The normal weight of the On-the-Clock version of the Crocs shoes is around 0.84 lb. Also, it has a relaxed fitting, just to mention a few of the features.

Crocs On-the-Clock

6. Crocs LiteRide

The LiteRide has a special design that differs slightly from the others. It has smaller holes compared to the regular ones, though the ventilation property is still present. Generally, it’s an ideal choice for athletics, given the cushioning foam embedded inside the shoes.

Crocs LiteRide

7. Crocs Crocband

You’ll notice that the toe box of the Crocband has holes that create that ventilation property, like the Classics. Also, the heel strap is added to this option, which creates an adjustable fitting.

Crocs Crocband

8. Crocs Specialist II

The prominent deviating factor between Specialist II and the Classic is the looser feel users get with this option. The rest design is quite relative to that of the Classic. Moreover, there are the ventilated and non-ventilated versions for this variant.

Crocs Specialist II

The heels of the Specialist II Crocs are somewhat higher than those of the usual Crocs, even though they’re open. Most users consider them as an ideal option for working because of the tall heels and added arch support. Also, they’re not a bad idea for intending buyers with wide feet due to the spacious toe box they possess.

9. Crocs Baya

Baya versions have more open holes that create better breathability and faster release of water. Moreover, the Crocs Baya also possesses an adjustable heel strap and an open heel. Amongst all the available Crocs brands out there, the Classics and the Bayas are known to possess lighter weight. A Baya version of size 12 for men weighs around 0.43 lb. for each foot. More to their features are ultra-lightweight and a spacious toe box for comfort.

Crocs Baya

How Should Crocs Fit?

All Crocs shoes are supposed to fit snuggly around the feet. If the feet slip upon usage, it indicates that the user isn’t wearing the perfect size. A snug-fitting helps to keep the feet in a position. Also, the heels of the shoes are meant to hold your feet securely and comfortably. Additionally, there should be a slight space between the toes and the front of the shoes.

How Should Crocs Fit

Furthermore, having a snug fit does not imply that the shoes should be tight. You must look out for a comfortable fit in getting some of these shoes. Better yet, it must be roomy to help the feet to relax. So, for this to happen, you need to know the exact size of your feet. Good thing, there’s an easy way to go about this. Let’s describe the steps below:

  • Step 1: Using a piece of paper, draw a straight vertical line. Make sure it gets longer than your foot’s length.
  • Step 2: Afterward, let the piece of paper lay on a solid surface. A smooth floor would be preferred.
  • Step 3: Keep your foot on the piece of paper. Also, keep the line at the center of the foot. You might need to hold up the paper if you’ll be doing this for a kid.
  • Step 4: Once you can get that right, create a mark at the back of the heel. Do the same in front of the tallest toe.
  • Step 5: Repeat these steps, but for your second foot.
  • Step 6: Get the precise measurement of the space between both marks. Do this for both your feet. From the results gotten, the larger figure or measurement would be the best fit for your next set of shoes.

What Size Crocs Should I Get?

The ideal size of Crocs to get is such that it’s slightly below a regular shoe size. This is because, over time, the shoes tend to stretch out. So getting a size equal to or a bit larger than the normal size might result in a slack fitting.

What Size Crocs Should I Get

Although this is valid, certain factors can affect your choice of shoe size. It can be a case of personal preferences, shoe type, or the use pattern. Personal preferences, in this case, simply refer to how certain individuals would like their shoes to feel around their feet. Some persons would prefer those that allow much space between the feet and the inner diameter of the shoes. Others might just want the shoes to hold their feet slightly tightly.

For some people, the shoe type can also be a reason for picking a particular size. Some crocs possess wide-toe boxes, while others don’t. If you’re going to get a wide-toe box variant, you might want to pick a size that’s equal to that of your foot.

Moreover, it’s common for some users to wear socks with their crocs shoes. Using socks with your crocs speeds the stretching out process of the shoes. As such, you may need to purchase a size smaller than your regular shoe size. This is so that wearing and stretching the shoes out will not alter the fitting they offer.

You can avoid the hassles of getting the wrong size by considering these few factors. You can do this by matching them up with those that apply to you before selecting a size.

Crocs Sizing Guide

Crocs come in different sizes, and the numbers differ based on country. So, let’s consider these sizes for both males, females, and kids in different countries.

For Man:

4 22 36-37 221 8 5/8
4.5 22.5 36.5 225 8 7/8
5 23 37 229 9
5.5 23.5 37.5 233 9 1/4
6 24 38 238 9 3/8
6.5 24.5 38.5 242 9 1/2
7 25 39.5 246 9 5/8
7.5 25.5 40 250 9 7/8
8 26 41 255 10
8.5 26.5 42 259 10 1/4
9 27 42.5 263 10 3/8
9.5 27.5 43 267 10 1/2
10 28 43.5 272 10 5/8
10.5 28.5 44 276 10 7/8
11 29 44.5 280 11
11.5 29.5 45 284 11 1/4
12 30 45.5 288 11 3/8
12.5 30.5 46.5 293 11 1/2
13 31 47.5 297 11 5/8
13.5 31.5 48 301 11 7/8
14 32 48.5 305 12
14.5 32.5 49 310 12 1/4
15 32.5 49 314 12 3/8

For Women:

19 3 32.5 204 8
19.5 3.5 33 208 8 1/8
20 4 33.5 212 8 3/8
20.5 4.5 34 217 8 1/2
21 5 34.5 221 8 5/8
21.5 5.5 35.5 225 8 7/8
22 6 36.5 229 9
22.5 6.5 37 233 9 1/8
23 7 37.5 238 9 3/8
23.5 7.5 38 242 9 1/2
24 8 38.5 246 9 5/8
24.5 8.5 39 250 9 7/8
25 9 39.5 255 10
25.5 9.5 40 259 10 1/8
26 10 41 263 10 3/8
26.5 10.5 42 267 10 1/2
27 11 42.5 272 10 5/8
27.5 11.5 43 276 10 7/8
28 12 45 280 11

For Kids (1-12 Years):

9 C2 19 98 3 7/8
10 C3 20 107 4 1/8
12 C4 21 115 4 1/2
13 C5 22 123 4 7/8
14 C6 23 132 5 1/8
15 C7 24 140 5 1/2
15.5 C8 25 149 5 7/8
16.5 C9 26 157 6 1/8
17.5 C10 27 166 6 1/2
18 C11 28 174 6 7/8
18.5 C12 29-30 183 7 1/8
19 C13 30-31 191 7 1/2
19 J1 33-34 200 7 7/8
20 J2 34-35 208 8 1/8
21 J3 35-36 217 8 1/2
22 J4 36-37 225 8 5/8
23 J5 37-38 233 9
24 J6 38-39 242 9 3/8

Are Crocs Good For Flat Feet?

The crocs shoe brands are good for individuals with flat feet. This is due to the Crocslite synthetic rubber and the added arch support of the shoes. Crocs shoes are renowned for their ergonomic shape, offering the right support for individuals with flat feet. So, why are crocs ideal for individuals with flat feet?

Are Crocs Good For Flat Feet


One of the things you’ll observe in your experience with these shoes is the cushioning they offer. This is particular to the midfoot. The fully padded footbeds of this footwear are what’s responsible for the protective, and softening experience users get from them.

Arch Support

One thing your shoes must always have if your feet are flat is arch support. Crocs shoes are known to offer the right arch support for such feet.

A Solid Sole

If you have flat feet, the appropriate shoes for you would be those with solid soles. Strong soles can contain the pressure exerted on them by the user’s weight. They’re most likely to stay firm without flexing or twisting.

More Stabilized Heels

You may not be aware that with weak shoe heels comes overstretching of the ligaments. To rest and prevent your ligaments from mishaps, you’ll need heels that can absorb shock greatly.

Anti-Shock Feature

Some shock-absorbing shoes are required to reduce the stress and pressure exerted on the feet. Crocs footwear has such an anti-shock feature to limit the pressure on your feet.

Do Crocs Stretch?

Thankfully crocs do stretch a full inch or half-inch larger as you wear them. And they can also be stretched artificially. The naturally stretching comes from the wear and tear on the shoe as you continue to use them. But note, the speed at which it stretches depends on your foot and how often you wear them.

Crocs is an amazing pair of shoes. Ranging from its designs to its colors. Most times, we come across a very beautiful design and color, but it’s not our actual size. In such a situation, you can still buy the pair if the tightness is not much. But never buy a larger size no matter how many inches because they can stretch out more.

How to Stretch Crocs

Some methods have been proved to help you stretch your crocs artificially. These methods will make your crocs lengthen for the comfort you desire. They include, the use of hot water, the use of a hair dryer, use of socks. And also the use of plastic bags with water.

How to Stretch Crocs

Below is a guide on how to stretch your crocs using the above methods.

Using Hot Water

Get a very big and clean pot, water, tongs, and a stove. Fill the big pot with water and place it on the stove to boil. When the water starts boiling, take the pot off the stove. Then use the tongs to submerge your favorite crocs in the pot with hot water. Leave it in for about 45 seconds. After 45 seconds, remove them from the pot and allow them to cool. After a few minutes, while they are still wet and warm, put your feet inside the crocs. Wear them and move around the house until they are completely dried.

Using a Hairdryer

Hairdryers are effective in stretching out your crocs. You can use a hairdryer to get the best result by doing the following;

Get clean socks, a hairdryer, and a large bowl of hot water. Place your crocs in the bowl of hot water. Make sure they are submerged in hot water. Leave in for about 5 minutes for them to soak thoroughly. After 5 minutes, bring them out of the bowl of hot water and allow them to cool. While they are still wet, wear the socks and place your feet inside your crocs.

Walk around the house with them for a few minutes. Then plug the hairdryer and put it on high heat. Then you run the hairdryer over the areas of your crocs for 30 seconds each until they become warm.  After heating, wear your crocs for about 20 to 30 minutes. Walk around the house with them. Your crocs should be fully stretched.

Using Socks

Get four pairs of clean socks. Put on the pairs of socks, one after the other. With the pairs of socks on, place your feet inside your crocs. If it hurts so much, remove a layer of the socks and place your feet back in. Then walk around the house for at least 30 minutes until your crocs feel looser.

Using Plastic Bags

Get zip lock bags, water, and a freezer. Then fill the zip lock bags with water. Lock it tightly so that no water leaks out. Then place them inside your crocs from the toe section to other parts of the shoe. Place your crocs with the water bags in the freezer. Leave overnight. Then bring them out of the freezer in the morning and remove the water bags. The water bags should be frozen. Run a little hot water over the crocs. Place your feet inside your crocs as they are still wet and cold. Walk around in it.

Do Crocs Come In Half Sizes?

Crocs don’t come in half sizes. As comfortable and amazing as crocs may be, they stay true to size. You can get your right fit by either sizing up or down. As Crocs do not come in half sizes, they stay true to size; you may have to size up if you have a big foot to get your actual fit. The same goes with small feet; you might have to size down to get your actual fit. However, it could vary a little based on the type of crocs.

Do Crocs Come In Half Sizes

Crocs come in different shades, colors, and sizes. Some crocs are designed with extra space for comfort, and others with a strap for extra fit.

Should I Size Up or Down For Crocs?

You can size up or down based on the type of crocs you want to purchase. However, it’s important to know that crocs shoes are generally true to size. Sizing up or down might be necessary if you consider the shoes’ stretching property.

Crocs are designed to be soft, and the foam fitting gives you an excellent feel of comfort. Although it could be challenging when it comes to size as crocs don’t come in half sizes.

For crocs classic, it is designed to offer a roomy fit. It also has a pivoting back strip to provide stability to your feet. It is spacious and allows enough room between your toes and the front of the shoes. For a perfect fit, you should size down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Crocs true to size?

Crocs are true to size. They don’t come in half sizes. However, their sizes vary depending on the type of crocs you want to purchase. For crocs clog, they are fitted with adjustable straps and therefore will run true to size.

Do Crocs Shrink?

Crocs can shrink when exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat. Although, if you are putting them on while being exposed to the sun, your feet will help to hold the shape and also prevent it from shrinking. Effective shrink only occurs when they are left unused, stored, or kicked outside under the sun for hours or days.

Do Crocs Run a Size Bigger

Crocs don’t run a size bigger, but it gives a larger space for a comfortable fit. Comfy and casual are always the watchwords for crocs. With comfort as its sole aim, it’s designed to give extra space in front of your toes and the shoe. With its colorful designs and styles, it can be used for different purposes.

Do Crocs Stretch after Wearing?

Crocs do stretch after wearing. Every method of stretching requires you to wear it as the last step to making it stretch. Wearing your crocs automatically stretches them. However, they could shrink after wearing and are left out under the sun or in extreme heat for days. Therefore, to avoid it from shrinking, it’s advisable to store it properly away from heat and sunlight.

How Much Do Crocs Weigh?

Depending on the size, crocs can weigh from 11 ounces to 16 ounces. On average, crocs weigh almost a pound. Also, their shape makes them bulky. But different crocs types have their unique weight. For instance, the On-the-Clock version of the Crocs shoes weighs around 0.84 lb, while a size 12 in the crocs bistro pro weighs about 0.83 lb.


So, do crocs run big? Well, in most cases, crocs are known for being true to size. But you may need to size down slightly, especially if you use your crocs with socks. This is because, with time, these shoes tend to stretch out. So, you may have to get a tight but comfortable size when purchasing them. Furthermore, if you need to find your perfect fit, then going through the guidelines provided here would be of necessity.

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