How To Clean Ostrich Boots – The Ultimate Guide

There are so many leather boots out there, like the cowhide leather boot and the pigskin leather boot. But ostrich leather boot is very outstanding and luxurious. The boot is made using a unique type of leather, differentiating it from other boots. That’s why you must know how to clean ostrich boots to avoid damaging them.

So, how do we clean an ostrich boot? The three basic methods for this are cleansing with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust, conditioning/restoration, and polishing. Chemicals and detergents should not be used in this process. This is to prevent staining and cracking of the boot. Also, avoid putting your boot under direct sunlight to prevent excessive discoloration.

This article explains the three basic stages of cleaning an ostrich boot and how to get oil and water stains off the boot. Find out more below.

Article Summary:

  • There are three steps involved in the cleaning of an ostrich boot; cleansing, conditioning/restoration, and polishing.
  • Don’t use chemicals and detergents in the cleaning process. The only chemical you can use is the scotch guard because it repels water from the boat.
  • Ostrich boots are suitable for harsh environments because of their hardness and strength.
  • Permanent discoloration might result if the ostrich boot is exposed to strong sunlight.
  • The ostrich boot is not waterproof because it is susceptible to water.
  • Oil stains can be eradicated from the ostrich boot by using talcum powder.

How To Clean Ostrich Boots

Ostrich leather possesses a unique and valuable characteristic that makes it durable and versatile. The leather has natural oil, which enables it not to wear out easily. These boots deserve constant care because they are often exposed to a harsh environment. The hardness and strength make them the best boots for concrete workers.

How To Clean Ostrich Boots

But no matter how careful you are, after wearing your ostrich boot, it’s advisable to give it a light cleaning. Using harsh chemicals and harsh cleaning methods is not advisable on this material. To get the best result during cleansing, you must be gentle.

Here are the three steps needed for the cleaning of an ostrich boot.

Step 1: Cleansing

Considering the quality of the ostrich boot, a degree of care is necessary. During cleansing, a damp rag instead of a wet one is better without detergent to remove all dust and debris.

Step 2: Conditioning/Restoration

To ensure your ostrich boot last long, conditioning is essential for a duration of 1 to 2 months. After removing the dust and dirt from it, you must first test the conditioner on a little area of the shoe. If you like the result, you spread it to the rest of the shoe.

Restoration is used to improve the boot’s color and brightness. A restorative cream comes in either a neutral or a specific color. You will first apply it on a sponge before using it on the boot circularly. Also, it would help if you used the restorative cream until you restore the color and brightness of the boot. After the application, allow the boots to dry for a few minutes.

Step 3: Polishing

If you can’t get a polish that matches your exact boot color, a neutral polish with wax is great. You will apply the polish on a thin coat all over the boot and leave it to dry. When it dries, use a horsetail brush to buff the boot until it becomes shiny.

How To Get Stains Out Of Ostrich Boots?

Stains (particularly oil stains) can be removed from an ostrich boot by adding talcum powder to the area and leaving it for 20 minutes. Afterward, use a brush  to remove the powder before cleaning the area with a damp cloth.

How To Get Stains Out Of Ostrich Boots

Stain removal from an ostrich boot does not only make the boot look spotless; it also improves its longevity and strength. Removing stains is tricky and requires more effort than just cleaning. A stain spray is also a good choice because it hides the stain in the color of the boot. A foaming cleanser is also very necessary to eradicate blemishes before using a damp rag.

Here are the stages of removing stains from an ostrich boot:

  • Firstly, brush off dirt particles from the boot.
  • Apply cornstarch on the stain and leave to dry for like 30 minutes.
  • In 30 minutes’ time, brush off the cornstarch. Cornstarch can absorb oil and other fluid without any detriment to the boot.
  • Use a moist rag to wipe off any cornstarch remnant from the boot.
  • If the stain is still visible, redo the process until you are certain the stain is no more.

How Do You Get Water Stains Out Of Ostrich Boots?

Use a dry and clean microfiber cloth first to clean the boot. The insole is then washed and left to dry if it is wet. Stuff a newspaper ball inside the boot to remove the water before keeping the boot in an airy place.

How Do You Get Water Stains Out Of Ostrich Boots

Ostrich boots are not waterproof, so regular contact with water can damage the boot permanently. It is advisable to start a drying process immediately if your ostrich boot has got watermarks. The watermark will become permanent the longer you delay.

Here are steps used to get water stains out of your ostrich boot:

  • First, use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to clean the boot to remove dirt and debris.
  • Then apply a synthetic cleaner agent to the boot and leave it to air
  • If the insole is wet, wash and leave it to dry.
  • Afterward, apply a waterproofing agent to the area of the boot to prevent water from soaking into it next time.
  • Then put a newspaper ball into the boot to dry off the water. Do this as many times as possible to be certain all the water inside is dry.
  • Now sun-dry the boot and leave for a couple of days to ensure it is not wet anymore.
  • When a boot is wet, it shrinks. So, the boot should be worn regularly to take its original shape back when it is dry.

Is Ostrich Leather Waterproof?

Although, ostrich leather has a high sensitivity to water. Despite its durability and texture, it’s still possible for water to penetrate this leather. Any liquid that pours on the ostrich leather should be wiped off immediately so as not to leave a stain or watermark. To aid the cleaning of the ostrich boot, getting an ostrich boot cleaning kit is not a bad idea.

Ostrich leather has natural oil, which gives it a subtle shine and increases its durability. But no matter how durable it is, you shouldn’t allow it to wet. Scotch guard is one of the best chemicals you can use on ostrich leather. It makes the leather repellent and resistant to water.

What To Do If Ostrich Boots Get Wet?

Most ostrich boots owners usually ask if an ostrich boot gets wet and what to do. Take the following steps below if your ostrich boots get wet:

What To Do If Ostrich Boots Get Wet

Step 1: Remove the moisture

Quickly wipe the ostrich boots with a dry and soft cloth.

Step 2: Take the insoles out

Then take out the insoles; there is a tendency that there is moisture between the insole and the bottom of the boots. Use a dry cloth to remove the moisture. Doing this will remove the trapped moisture and make the ostrich boot smell nice.

Step 3: Fill boots with newspaper

Filling the boots with newspaper will soak out all the water from the boot quickly. However, you have to change the newspaper after every twenty (20) minutes.

Step 4: Raise the boots

Raise and dry the boots as the newspaper absorb the waters. Keep the boots in a dry place and away from heat. Don’t use radiators or blow dryers to speed up the process; excess heat causes leather to crack and dry fast.

Step 5: Place on a cedar Shoe Tree

Place your boots on a cedar shoe tree as soon as they dry. It will help the boots get back to their original shape. You can also design a special shelf for your boots, where other shoes or materials will not stuff them.

How Do You Restore Ostrich Skin Boots?

There are two methods to restore your ostrich-skin boots. The method involves using a leather cleaner plus vinegar and water. Also, if there are oil stains on your boots, you can use talcum powder or baking soda to remove the stains. Finally, make sure you have the ostrich cleaning kit to handle your boots properly.

How Do You Restore Ostrich Skin Boots

Find the details below on restoring your ostrich-skin boots.

Use a leather cleaner:

Use a leather cleaner to clean the boot. Don’t just get any leather cleaner, do a spot test and let the cleaner dry. If it is okay, you can go ahead and use it.

Use water and vinegar:

Mix water with vinegar. Dip a clean, soft cloth in the mixture and wipe the boots. Don’t use dish-washing soap or liquid soap for your boot; this will destroy the leather.

How To Remove Oil Stains From Ostrich Skin Boots

You can also remove oil stains from ostrich boots. You can’t avoid these stains if you use your boots most of the time. The stains destroy the beauty of the boots and make them look horrible. You can remove these stains by following these steps:

  • Sprinkle baking soda or talcum powder on the affected area and leave it for about 20 minutes. The baking soda will absorb the oil.
  • Brush out the powder with a shoe brush, and if the stains remain, you can repeat the process.
  • Clean off the powder with a damp cloth

How Do You Take Care Of Ostrich Boots?

There are many ways to take care of your ostrich, including storing them properly, conditioning and polishing them. Also, you can send your boots to a cobbler to resole them after wearing them for a long time.

How Do You Take Care Of Ostrich Boots

Store your ostrich boots in a dry and dark place. Always fill ostrich boots with tissue or newspaper, or keep them on a cedar shoe tree. Also, remove dust and dirt with a brush after every wear. You can use a damp cloth if it is necessary.

Also, it’s advisable to always condition your ostrich boots with an ostrich conditioner every one to two (1-2) months, depending on how you use them. Polishing is done after conditioning. However, if the boots are clean, you can use spray polish. To avoid mismatching colors, use a neutral polish.

Depending on usage, it is very normal for your ostrich boots to wear out after a few years. However, take your boots to the cobbler for resoling when that happens. You can only fix the worn-out part to maintain its original construction.

Cleaning Kits For Ostrich Boots

Here is a list of some cleaning kits for ostrich boots:

  • A soft cotton cloth
  • A horsehair brush
  • Leader conditioner
  • A wax-based polish
  • A cedar shoe tree

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Condition My Ostrich Boots?

It is recommended that ostrich boots be conditioned every one to two (1-2) months. This may depend on how often you wear it. The more you wear your ostrich boots, the more you should condition them to keep them looking nice. But a user who wears the boots a few times will not need to condition them frequently.

Can You Put Mink Oil On Ostrich Boots?

Mink oil is not ideal for ostrich boots. Ostrich leather is sensitive to oil, so avoid any oil base conditioner or cleaner on your ostrich boots. Moreover, the mink oil can change the leather color over time, especially if it is frequently applied.

Are Ostrich Skin Boots Durable?

Ostrich boots are known for their durability. Though it has a soft texture, it can withstand tough conditions. It also has its natural oil that averts drying and cracking. Ostrich leather is thick and classy; hence construction workers can use it too. The leather doesn’t break easily and also gives a high level of comfort because of its soft texture and flexibility.

You can use a protective spray on ostrich leather to make it stay beautiful even after years of using it.

Can I Wear My Ostrich Boot In The Rain?

You can’t wear your ostrich boots in the rain, since they are more sensitive to water and other liquids than other leathers. Ostrich leather is not waterproof. It absorbs water, which can leave a permanent watermark.

Can You Use Saddle Soap On Ostrich Boot?

You can use saddle soap. The soap cleans, softens, and preserves the leather. But make sure it does not dry out. Letting it dry can make the leather crack.


After reading this, you should now know how to clean ostrich boots. Cleaning ostrich boots is quite easy, but you have to be persistent and consistent with the cleaning. Ostrich boots are durable, but you must do your best to keep them in good condition. Even though the boots are durable, don’t allow water or oil on them.

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