Do UGGs Run Big – UGG Boot Sizing and Fit Guide

UGG boots offer many valuable features in addition to their longevity and strength. But despite all the possible benefits, intending buyers still ask some essential questions like do UGGs run big? Some others would also ask, do UGGs slippers run big or small? These are a few questions you may ask when purchasing this set of boots.

In most cases, UGGs are known to be true to size. However, certain factors might trigger the need to get a size half or whole smaller than usual. These factors draw from the fact that the boots stretch out with time. This is a result of the materials the manufacturers used.

So, do UGGs run big or small? Are these boots true in size? As you proceed in this post, you’ll find the answers in detail.  We’ve also uncovered the various sizes for adults and kids to help you identify the most suitable size for you. Keep reading for more details.

Key Takeaways:

  • UGG boots are made of sheepskin, fleece, and synthetic materials. On the inside is a double-faced sheepskin combined with fleece.
  • The outer part of the boots has a tanned leather material, and lastly, the soles come in fine synthetic material.
  • UGGs boot brands are mostly renowned for being true to size. Nevertheless, you may consider purchasing a size whole or half-fit lesser.
  • UGG boots can stretch out, provided they’re genuine. The genuineness comes from the originality of the sheepskin material.
  • UGG boots are suitable for wide feet. This is valid, judging from the stretching characteristic of the boots.
  • With UGG boots, the best size is based on the stretching feature of the material they’re made of.

What Are UGGs Boots Made Of?

The main materials that make up UGG boots are sheepskin, fleece, and synthetic materials. On the inside of the boots is a double-faced sheepskin combined with fleece. The outer part of the boots has a tanned leather material, and the soles come in fine synthetic material. Incorporating these materials into this boot brand makes UGG one of the finest products on the market.

What Are UGGs Boots Made Of

The Sheepskin Material

Sheepskin-made boots and shoes are the best options for certain seasons or weather conditions. Also, footwear made from sheepskin makes it possible to take the shape of your foot. Another notable thing with sheepskin-made footwear is the comfort they provide. Finally, sheepskin-made shoes are a way to curb dry skin in unfavorable weather.


When you see that UGGs repel water to an extent, that’s a clear indication of the presence of fleece. One other thing you may observe is the fast-drying properties of the boots. Another prominent property of the fleece material is its easy resistance to wrinkles. The breathability property is a plus to the comfort you can get from using the UGG boots. It’s also a result of the presence of the fleece material.

Synthetic Material

Using synthetic materials for footwear can be quite beneficial in different ways. A few of which include resistance to water and abrasion. However, this material doesn’t have the breathable feature of natural leather, which is where the sheepskin comes into the scene.

Do UGGs Run Big?

The answer to do UGGs run big is that the brands are renowned for being true to size. Nevertheless, you may want to consider purchasing a size whole or half-fit lesser. This is because of the expanding nature of these boots.

Do UGGs Run Big

Do you wish to purchase one of these boots? If so, the first thing you’ll need to do is identify the perfect size for your feet. You don’t want to experience walking with slacking shoes. So, get a size that fits snugly to your feet.

Furthermore, these boots have certain characteristics according to the integrated materials.  In your experience with UGG boots, here are some features you’ll observe.

Ideal for Every Season

This is rather a relief when you consider the negative effects of raindrops on shoes. Regardless of the weather condition, you can be sure your feet are protected. Moreover, the materials function cohesively to regulate different temperatures. These boots keep your feet warm in cold temperatures. On the other hand, they leave the feet feeling normal in warm or moderate weather conditions. The breathable and moisture wicks make this possible.

Customized Fitting

One thing you can expect from the UGG boots is their ability to stretch and take the shape of feet. This is why certain users consider them the ideal mens boots for wide feet, which provide that customized foot fitting. So when buying these boots, look out for their genuineness. A genuine UGG boot is what guarantees effective molding around the feet.

Assurance of Comfort

The softness of the material, particularly around the upper region of UGGs, provides the right level of comfort due to the popping sheep wool design. A genuine UGG boot offers the pliable and soft feel you get around your feet. You can also improve these boots with proper maintenance and care.

Feet’s Health Advantage

Finally, the materials of the UGG boots are a plus to the overall health of the feet. How? The sheepskin material contains a natural oil known as lanolin. The oil helps the sustainability of the boots either in dry or harsh conditions. Many people use this natural oil to treat certain skin problems. Some examples may include baby rashes, dry skin, and several other skin irritations.

Through the sheepskin material, the oil in the wool aids lubrication in the fibers when in use. As this happens, the feet stay protected as long as they remain in the boots. The natural properties of lanolin serve as a preventive measure against additives and synthetic colors.

Do UGGs Boots Stretch Out?

UGG boots can stretch out, provided they’re genuine. Basically, the genuineness of these boots comes from the originality of the sheepskin used for manufacturing. Getting a UGG boot that fits snuggly on the first trial should be the target shoe size. Over time, the material stretches out to about a whole or half the original size.

Do UGGs Boots Stretch Out

After a few hours of wearing a UGG boot, one thing you’ll quickly notice is the stretching out. You may not feel this in the few initial times of usage. So, when purchasing a UGG boot, never try to run up your original shoe size. Let’s cite an instance to make this a bit clearer.

Your original shoe size is just a half higher than size 5. In this case, the ideal size for a UGG boot will be the exact size 5. It may feel slightly uncomfortable at the initial stages of usage, but this will eventually change in a short while. You may not get the maximum benefit of using this product if you purchase a size bigger than normal. When the stretching occurs, it leaves out the warm and perfect fitting with UGGs.

Here are a few things to take note of if you wish to get some of these boots:

  • Be sure you’re getting a genuine sheepskin-made UUG boot.
  • The sheepskin material used for these boots causes them to stretch over time.
  • You may need to get a size a half lesser than your original shoe size.
  • UGG boots do not come in half sizes.
  • UGG boots stretch out to about half the original size.

With this in mind, you may likely avoid the error of purchasing the wrong size of these boots.

Do UGGs Boots Fit Wide Feet?

UGG boots are suitable for wide feet. This is valid, judging from the stretching characteristic of the boots. An intending buyer with wide feet can also feel comfortable wearing the sheepskin-made footwear.

Do UGGs Boots Fit Wide Feet

Among the several questions, like do UGGs run big or true to size, one other question pops up; Do UGG boots fit wide feet? Since you’re now aware that users with wide feet can also appreciate these boots, what should you look out for?

Well, given that UGG boots are true to size, you should avoid getting a size higher than normal. Some folks may believe that it’d be best to get a bigger size boot since they have wide feet. That doesn’t apply to UGG boots.

Furthermore, all UGG boots come in whole sizes. So, if your regular shoe size slightly goes beyond a whole number, you may need to get a size of the closest whole number. For example, your natural shoe size gets a little above 6. The most appropriate size for you would be 6. So that in time, the shoes adjust to the right fitting of your foot. You may need a higher size if your foot size gets to half more than a whole number. Or a little above half of a whole figure. Let’s explain this with an illustration.

Probably, your foot’s size is 6.5 or a little above this size. In such a case, you want to look at getting a size above this figure, which is size 7. As you may already know, UGG boots don’t come in half sizes. This is why your choice of size should go in this order to prevent discomfort upon use or loose shoes.

How Are UGGs Boots Supposed To Fit?

Generally, every UGG boot fits true to size. But all users want their boots to fit snugly around the feet. UGG boots usually become roomier after a period of use. Because of these changes, users should not overlook the need to get that tight-fitting upon purchase.

How Are UGGs Boots Supposed To Fit

To get the perfect fitting, it’s important to know the exact measurement of your feet. Let’s walk you through the simple steps below:

  • First Step: The initial step is to stand upright in front of a wall. You can either stand on a paper sheet or floor where you can mark easily.
  • Second Step: Get an assistant close to you. Your assistant will create a mark on the floor or paper at the tip of your toes and back heel.
  • Third Step: Take an accurate measurement of the space between the marks. This will give you that precise measurement of your feet.

What Size UGG Boots Should I Get?

Kids -Youth

7 1.4 cm 23 6 7
8 15.2 cm 24/25 7 8
9 15.9 cm 25/26 8 9
10 16.6 cm 27 9 10
11 17.3 cm 28/29 10 11
12 18 cm 30 11 12
13 18.7 cm 31 12 13
1 19.5 cm 32 13 1
2 20.2 cm 33 1 2
3 20.9 cm 34 2 3

The ideal size to get for a UGG boot is such that it is half lesser than the user’s regular size. Usually, when a shoe tends to run small, it’s best to get a size higher. Conversely, if a shoe runs big, getting a lesser size would be the best option. However, the best size with UGG boots is based on the stretching feature of the material they’re made of. This doesn’t alter the fact that they’re true to size.

Shoe sizes differ across different individuals. What this implies is that men, women, and kids don’t use similar sizes. A size 7 for men may differ completely for women. Likewise, this applies to kids as well. So, do UGGs run big or small for adults?

UGG products remain true to the given sizes. So, how can I identify the right size of boots to get? To further answer this question, we’ve created detailed size charts for all categories of individuals (men, women, and kids).

Here are the necessary charts on UGG boot sizes:

Size Chart for Men –

UK EU US Foot length in CM Foot length in inches Calf width in CM Calf width in inches
5 40 6 25 9.8 34 13.4
6 41 7 26 10.2 35 13.8
7 42 8 26.5 10.4 36 14.2
8 43 9 27 10.6 37 14.9
9 44 10 28 11 38 15.4
10 45 11 29 11.4 39 15.4
11 46 12 30 11.8 39 15.4
12 47 13 31 12.2 39 15.4
13 48 14 32.5 12.8 39 15.4

Size Chart for Women –

UK EU US Foot length in CM Foot length in inches Calf width in CM Calf width in inches
2 34 4 21 8.3 30 11.8
3 35 5 22 8.7 31 12.2
4 36 6 23 9 32 12.6
5 37 7 24 9.4 33 13
6 38 8 25 9.8 34 13.4
7 39 9 26 10.2 35 13.8
8 40 10 26.5 10.5 36 14.2
9 41 11 27 10.6 37 14.9
10 42 12 28 11 38 15.4

Size Chart for Kids –

Age Europe UK Japan US China
3.5 to 4 years 27.5 9 17 10 170
4 to 4.5 years 28.5 10 18 11 180
4.5 to 5 years 30 11 19 12 190
5 to 6 years 31 12 20 13 200
6 to 7 years 32.5 13 21 1 210
7 to 8 years 33.5 1 22 2 220
8 to 9 years 35 2 23 3 230
9 to 10 years 36 3 24 4 240
10 to 11 years 37 4 25 5 250
11 to 12 years 38 5 26 6 260

Baby/Toddler UGG Size Chart –

For Babies:

Age Europe UK Japan US CM China
0 to 3 months 16 0.5 9 0/1 9.0 90
0 to 3 months 15 0 9 1 8.5 90
3 to 6 months 17 1 10 2 9.5 100
3 to 6 months 18 2 11 2/3 10.5 110
6 to 12 months 18.5 2.5 11 3 10.5 110
6 to 12 months 18.5 3 11 3/4 10.5 110

For Toddlers:

Age Europe UK Japan US CM China
12 to 18 months 19.5 3.5 11.5 4 11 115
18 to 24 months 21 – 22 4.5 – 5 12.5 – 13.5 5 – 6 12 125 – 135
2 to 2.5 years 23.5 6 14.5 7 14 145
2.5 to 3 years 25 7 15 8 15 150
3 to 3.5 years 26 8 16 9 16 160
3.5 to 4 years 27.5 9 17 10 17 170
4 to 4.5 years 28.5 10 17.5 11 18 175
4.5 to 5 years 30 11 18.5 12 19 185

How to Measure UGG Boot Size?

To measure a UGG boot size, a paper sheet or “mark-able” floor is required. Mark a point at the toe front and the back heel of the foot to be measured. Afterward, use a measuring tape or a ruler to get the accurate size of the distance between the marks.

How to Measure UGG Boot Size

This may not be very clear to grasp, so here’s a more detailed description of the process:

  • Step 1: On a piece of paper, make a long vertical line to go beyond the length of your foot.
  • Step 2: Place the piece of paper on a solid surface, preferably the floor.
  • Step 3: Now, place your foot on the paper, making sure it’s centered on the line. If you’d do this for a kid, hold the paper to the kid’s foot.
  • Step 4: Afterward, make a mark on the paper at the back of your heel. Repeat the same action at the front of the longest toe.
  • Step 5: Repeat all the steps above for the other foot.
  • Step 6: Measure the space between the two marks for both feet. The larger figure is the ideal one to take for your perfect shoe size.

Do UGG Boots Come In Half Sizes?

UGG boots come only in full sizes. There are no sizes like 6.5 or any added fraction. So, for intending buyers whose feet sizes have fractions, there’ll be a need to run up or down the size.

Do UGG Boots Come In Half Sizes

If your feet are half-size, there’s still a way to get your desired size. Let’s assume your foot size is about 7.5 or a bit higher than this; your best feet would be 8. On the other hand, if your foot size measures at a fraction slightly above a whole figure, then 6 would be your best fit. In the second case, going for a smaller size will prove to be the best choice because, with time, UGG boots tend to stretch out.

Furthermore, UGG boots have a plethora of sizes. The particular model of these boots you wish to purchase stands as a major factor in selecting a particular size. You’ll need these few factors in an attempt to pick your shoe size.


In the case of the material, find out the exact materials that make up the boots. Not every UGG boot has sheepskin as the main material. Some are rather leather-made, rubber-made, and some other varieties. So, be sure if the material would stretch over time or simply remain the same.

Using Socks

Will you be using socks with your new boots? You’ll need to consider whether or not you’ll always need socks for the boots. If your socks are those with very thin materials, it may not alter the size decision. However, if you’re looking at the thick wool-made socks, then you must adjust your shoe size decision to run big.


What is your intention with the boots you wish to purchase? If these boots will serve daily, know that they’ll quickly stretch out. However, if their usage will be on a once in a while basis, they’ll most likely remain true to size for a longer period.

So, when you think of buying a size half or whole smaller or bigger, always have this in mind. If they are daily use boots, a whole size would be the best bet.

Can You Shrink UGG Boots?

Shrinking UGG boots is quite workable. Using hot water or vinegar are the two most common methods of shrinking such boots. A hairdryer can also serve this purpose. However, for these methods to be effective, you must work with genuine sheepskin-made UGG boots.

Can You Shrink UGG Boots

The three methods would require the following tools or ingredients:

  • A hairdryer
  • Hot water & Socks
  • Water & Vinegar

Hot Water and Socks

Heat some quantity of water to its boiling point and turn it into a sizable bowl. Then immerse your socks into the bowl of hot water. Let them stay for the next 5 minutes. Then, bring out the socks, as damp as they are. Let the extra water drain out completely.

Afterward, put the sock into the shoes, spreading them like you want them to dry in there. Leave them in that position for the next 1 to 2 hours. Remove the socks from the boots when it’s up to 2 hours. Leave them in an airy area for a minimum period of 24 hours then use them.

Using Water and Vinegar

The first thing is to mix an equal quantity of vinegar and water in a sizable bowl. After making the water and vinegar solution, deep the old socks into the mixture and leave it there for 5 minutes. Then spread the sock in the boots like you want them to dry. Leave them in that state for not less than 24 hours. Allow the boots to dry, and then they’ll be ready for use.

Using a Hairdryer

Turn hot water into a medium-sized bowl. Deep a clean cloth or sponge into the hot water. Using the damp cloth or sponge, wet the upper part of the boots and the areas you need to shrink. Place the hairdryer on low speed. Do not attempt to use high speed as that may damage the boots. The blow-dry the wet areas of the boots. But always remember to use low speed for the hairdryer.

Do You Have To Break In UGGs?

Breaking in UGG boots is necessary to get a more comfortable and closer fitting. UGG boots with sheepskin materials may take a week of regular use to break in. So, always make sure to get the closely fitting size when purchasing the sheepskin boots.

These few tips will you break in your UGG boots:

  • Always use a thick pair of socks whenever you wear the boots. You can simply do the same and walk around your home from time to time.
  • You can also use blister plasters.
  • Employ the freezer method
  • Ensure to go for the best quality
  • Go to a shoe expert

Can I Wash My Sheepskin UGG Boots?

It’s not advisable to wash sheepskin UGG boots with water. This is because water leaves certain marks afterward. Cleaning these marks when dry isn’t always easy. So, for best cleaning results, employ a sued brush for lighter dirt. For deeper stains, get sheepskin and branded sued cleaner or the UGG special Care Kit.

Can I Wash My Sheepskin UGG Boots

Here are a few things you’ll need to do to properly keep your sheepskin-made UGG boots clean:

  • Use sued brushes if the dirt is not heavy.
  • Using a UGG Care Kit with a conditioner and a cleaner in them is a safe way to maintain your UGG boots.
  • For thicker dirt, employ a sheepskin and proprietary sued cleaner.
  • When cleaning your UGG boots, we advise going from top to bottom. Most dirt stays at the base of the footwear. Beginning from the bottom may result in the stains spreading to other areas of the boot.
  • Always allow your boot to dry by air and not by heat. You can use a cloth to dry wetness from the inner part of the boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reshape UGG boots?

To reshape your UGG boots, you’ll need butcher paper. Insert the butcher paper into the boot when they’re wet. Keep them in that state until they dry completely. Don’t use any other form of chemical for this purpose. It may cause the material to lose its original look, resulting in damage.

Do UGGs run big for toddlers?

UGGs do not run big for toddlers, babies, or adults. UGG products are fashioned to be true to size. However, you may need to know the size that’ll fit tightly to the feet. This is so that, in time, the stretching properties won’t be a problem.

Is UGG true to size?

UGG products are renowned for being true to size. So, if you wear 7, you won’t need to bother about taking it to 8 or 6. Also, you may not find a half-sized UGG boot, as this product comes in whole sizes. This means you only get to see sizes such as 6, 7, 8, etc., in place of 6.5, 7.5, and the likes.

How long do UGG boots last?

Genuine sheepskin-made UGG boots can last for about 5 to twenty years. Nevertheless, the period of usage may also depend on how much care and maintenance they get from users.

Are you supposed to wear socks with UGGs?

The design of these boots encourages wearing them without socks. But it also boils down to individual preferences. Moreover, certain socks could speed up the stretching capacity of the shoes. Though for some, this is a good thing, others may not want the same thing.


So, do UGGs run big? In terms of sizes, UGG ensures that its products stay true to size. Despite the precision in size, there’s yet a need to be mindful about your choice, as we’ve seen above. This is due to the stretching feature of the sheepskin material used in fashioning the boots.

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