Do You Wear Socks With Crocs?

There was a time when sneakers and shoes with laces were very popular among people of different ages. But nowadays, crocs have taken that place, and people are very fond of crocs’ unique design and structure. Even public figures have also started coming in public wearing casual crocs that have caught everyone’s eyes.

Still, one question remains: do you wear crocs with or without socks? According to some fashion enthusiasts, it’s not mandatory to wear socks with any type of crocs. It solely depends on the user whether they want to wear socks. To build an own style, one can wear crocs with or without socks.

As every coin has two sides, both wearing and not wearing socks have positive and negative sides. Judging by those factors, you can determine the necessity of wearing socks with crocs. Continue reading to get a solid understanding of both factors.

Key Takeaways

  • Crocs are a unique type of clog made for both men and women. The type was named after the main manufacturer of footwear.
  • These are the updated version of the slippers
  • The core material of crocs is Closed-cell Resin
  • This footwear is mainly worn by fashion-conscious people these days

Do You Wear Socks With Crocs?

You need to know that crocs construction doesn’t require socks or any other support to fit on your feet and toes. Secondly, it doesn’t matter whether you wear socks or not; your crocs pair would work the same.

Do You Wear Socks With Crocs

If it is not very cold, we haven’t seen anyone wearing socks with crocks in their home or neighborhood. But when you need to attend a party,  photoshoot, or gala night, you can wear a pair of funky low-cut socks with the crocs, just like Nicki Minaj in a recent award ceremony or Justin Bieber on his way to his own wedding hall.

And most importantly, there are few people whose feet sweat a lot when they wear resin slippers for quite a long time. To prevent tripping or slipping, they should wear socks so that the sandals or slippers stay dry.

Along with that, some people who recently recovered from joint dislocation or muscle injury require added support from their footwear. They can wear thick socks to make the interior housing of crocs tighter and more stable.

What Kinds of Socks Do You Wear With Crocs?

There are different types of socks out there, especially worn with crocs. Among them, some of the most popular options are:

  • No-show socks: No-show socks are barely visible from the outside when your feet are inside the crocs. Professional personnel and patients wear this type of socks with crocs most of the time.
  • Long socks: These are the traditional classic type that people use with leather shoes. When you wear long pants or go for something like a date, you can wear long socks with slippers.
  • Low-cut socks: Truly speaking, this type is highly preferable for office and business guys. A pair of low-cut socks is the best alternative for making their footwear comfortable with formal pants and suits.
  • Designer long socks: If you wear short pants and want something with exotic designs, this option seems more suitable. Long socks with designs can show your fashion sense in front of others. These socks really catch the attention of people around you.

Benefits of Wearing Socks With Crocs

Obviously, there are some benefits of wearing socks with a crocs pair, and that’s why many people are wearing them together. The main benefit of wearing socks is actually added support and stability.  At this point, let’s focus on the benefits when you put on socks before wearing crocs.

Benefits of Wearing Socks With Crocs

Stylish Look

Last but not the least, wearing matching socks with your clothes can enhance your good look. You never know when a person of opposite gender might get attracted to you by seeing the fashion sense you’re showing from wearing cool crocs and socks.


Some workplaces strictly maintain a dress code that reflects how dedicated you are to the job. You can look very decent at those places when there are plain socks under the crocs.

Feet Safety

When you go to a place where your feet can contact dangerous or unhygienic stuff like chemicals, hospital wastes, etc., you can get extra protection for your legs by wearing a thick and durable socks pair.

Medical Purpose

Very few of us have sensitive skins that are allergic to resin or reinforced plastic. You can avoid the contact between the crocs’ interior and your feet when you have socks on your feet. Besides, crocs aren’t fully supportive. Wearing socks made of wool can make you feel the midsoles have become thicker, and you are getting some extra arch support.

And patients who have experienced a long-term treatment recently should wear socks with any type of sandals to eliminate vibration waves caused by frictions during walking.

Problems of Wearing Socks With Crocs

Yes, we can’t deny that having socks inside crocs might create some trouble for you. It’d be bad if we didn’t tell you about those facts.

Problems of Wearing Socks With Crocs

Too much sweating

No matter the purpose, if you keep wearing socks for quite a long time and do some chores, your feet can sweat. Too much sweating can be a key reason for bacterial and fungal infections in your feet. Also, walking with wet socks is very annoying.

Bad smells

Lack of proper breathability can make your feet smell bad. Bad smells from feet don’t go off that easily.


If you wear socks along with perfectly fit crocs, the whole stuff would feel tighter. Due to tightness, blood circulation becomes irregular in the lower part of your body. Thus, you can suffer from sore muscles and lose natural movement by wearing socks with tight crocs.

Some Celebrities Wearing Socks With Crocs

If we say wearing crocs is a current fashion trend, some of you might laugh, thinking we’re so silly. But you’d be shocked to know how popular it has been wearing crocs among celebs and public figures.

And to be honest, crocs look good with fashionable clothes. So, let’s see which of the stars are fond of wearing crocs in front of the public. If you don’t know how to wear crocs fashionably, then this part is just for you.

Justin Bieber

If you’re a boy and never thought of copying Justin Bieber, then it’s nearly impossible to believe us. Canadian Pop icon Justin Bieber is always funky about his dressing sense. His looks are always almost the same.

Justin Bieber

There are several times the paparazzi caught Bieber wearing crocs outside his home. Even just before his wedding function, he went to the wedding venue wearing casual long shirts and crocs. Honestly speaking, wearing crocs didn’t compromise his attractive style a bit.

Al Pacino

Well, crocs were first shown as a part of fashion by the famous “Godfather” cast by Al Pacino. Back in 2006, the talented and bold actor was seen wearing black crocs matched with his black suit and shirt. He still looked pretty handsome in that kind of outfit at his old age.

Al Pacino

John Cena

Whether it’s professional wrestling or the Hollywood industry, John Cena has been another name for “Success.” At the beginning of this year, Cena was spotted doing one or two commercials wearing crocs with his usual “T-shirt and Shorts.”

John Cena

Usually, we see him wearing sneakers or track shoes. However, his look with crocs on his feet never felt dull. Instead, it was well-appreciated.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Now, we’re talking about the brand ambassador of the “Crocs” footwear, Priyanka Chopra. In the year 2020, the UNICEF brand ambassador also signed a contract with the footwear company for a short period.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Many magazines and web portals published photos of Priyanka wearing resin slippers and crocs with her usual dresses in those years. Those pictures and articles prove to us that crocs do look good with any outfit.

Ariana Grande

The queen of pop music, Ariana Grande, was also seen wearing crocs in a public post. She recently posted a picture wearing an oversized sweatshirt with cozy white crocs on her personal Instagram ID.

Ariana Grande

As she’s one of the most influential female personalities on social media, the picture got the attention of millions of youngsters. Hence, the generation, especially the girls, are going with the trend and wearing crocs with shirts and skirts.

Are Crocs Good for Pain?

If you dig in the history, crocs were made for people suffering from back and leg pains. The plastic construction is adjustable with any foot’s posture, and for this reason, a user can wear crocs all day long to walk around despite having back injuries.

Moreover, the softness in the midsoles gives relief to ligaments in the knees and ankles. This type of shoe is as good as boots for back pain in some cases. So, it’s one of the biggest positive sides of crocs.

How to Wear Socks With Crocs?

Basically, there’s no specific method of wearing socks with crocs. You can follow your usual way of wearing socks in this matter. But for extra comfort, we can guide you on the way of wearing socks to use crocs with some additional facts.

How to Wear Socks With Crocs

Clean your feet

First of all, you need to clean your feet and toes. Pour water onto your feet and rub with your hands to get rid of dirt and fungus remaining on your feet. You can also use a wet towel to do so.

Make sure your feet are dry

Next up, let your feet dry for a while. If water or sweat remains before you put on socks, it will create a bad smell. What’s worse, wearing socks over wet or sweaty feet can make you suffer from bacterial skin infections. So, better not forget this fact.

Pick the right type of socks

After that, you need to choose a good pair of socks. We’ve already mentioned that short socks are the best ones when you’re about to wear something funky like crocs. Apart, there are some other options for you too. But just keep in mind that you shouldn’t buy anything that looks odd with crocs or sandals.

Don’t stretch the socks too much

It’s a bad habit of a few people to stretch socks before wearing them so that they become easy to put on. This stuff isn’t necessary at all. You just keep the mouth of the socks fully opened and slowly put your feet through the openings. Most importantly, don’t ever think of stretching the top elastics socks as it’d make them loose and unfit.

Now, put on your crocs

If everything’s done, then why waste any time? Put on your favorite crocs and go for a walk.

Tips for Keeping Your Crocs Clean

In wet seasons, crocs and sneakers get dirty all the time when you go out wearing them. Thus, regular cleaning becomes a must at those times. Now, we’re not going to tell you how to clean crocs because the thing’s very easy for anyone. Instead, we’re focusing on some pro tips that you should know while cleaning your own pair of crocs.

  • Using detergent powder is far better than using any soap solvent or liquid soap.
  • For deep cleaning, you can use your washing machine.
  • Baking soda is the best thing to use when you need to kill crocs’ bad odor.
  • Never think of using hot water for cleaning. It can ruin the color and shape of your crocs.
  • Don’t scrub crocs with each other; there are several soft scrubbers for clothes out in the market that you can use.
  • Even if your crocs look dirty and old after deep cleaning, you can purchase a can of croc butter to make them look new.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, crocs are good footwear. But still, many of us are confused about this thing. For this, here are some commonly asked questions.

Why are Crocs so expensive?

Crocs are basically budget-friendly footwear. Within 30-40 bucks, you can easily find a good pair of crocs. But recently, people are going with the flow and preferring to wear crocs with different types of dresses.

Because of the higher demand, the manufacturers are trying hard to add more value to their products and increase the supply. For this reason, the funky and stylish crocs have become a bit expensive. Yet, you can find medical and casual crocs on a very tight budget.

Are Crocs meant to be worn outside?

Our counter-question is, why not? Crocs are one of the most comfortable things you can find to relieve your feet from stress and pain.

Though many people think the design of crocs is awfully disgusting, it’s pretty good and cozy. You can easily roam around, run, and jump wearing crocs. Also, you’d look wearing shirts matching the color of crocs. Crocs are for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Are Crocs made to wear with socks?

No, not a single reliable source says you need to wear socks before using crocs. You can use crocs with or without socks.

The answer to this question depends on your need and comfort. If you think wearing socks can hold crocs pretty well with your legs, you’re free to do so. But you can also have free movements with the crocs in the absence of any socks.

Do podiatrists recommend Crocs?

Podiatrists don’t recommend crocs directly. As there are several options for patients who recently recovered from surgeries and injuries, you can consider crocs as the second option after medical shoes.

There is no denying that crocs can help people walk despite having any serious orthopedic issues. But they are not prescribed by any physicians or doctors. Even so, researchers say this sort of footwear is good for people.

Are Crocs good for walking all day?

Let us remind you that crocs don’t provide consistent arch and midfoot support. That’s why crocs won’t support you much whenever you go for a long walk.

For long runs and heavy workouts, you can find various sports shoes. Those are the ones you should use to walk all day. Crocs can be a good buddy to your feet for several hours despite all these facts. You can keep wearing them a whole day if you’re attending a function or event.


Not wearing socks with crocs isn’t a bad idea. Even people who wear socks with crocs aren’t wrong at all. The whole staff depends on your definition of comfort and style sense.

There are two major facts here; where you’re going and what’s the condition of your legs. If you attend any formal occasion or your feet are very sensitive, you shouldn’t forget to wear socks before putting on shoes. But wearing socks isn’t necessary when you’re fully fit and roaming around.

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