Do New Balance Run Small?

Your shoe size matters as it will impact the performance and experience while doing any activity. All the big brands try to make the consumer experience smooth as it will affect them in the longer run. And New Balance is no different from it.

New Balance has been there since the 1900s and has a loyal customer base. Their shoes are not too big or small for a large section of their customers. But you can’t write off the exceptions.

Don’t worry! You don’t need to care about these exceptions, as this article will explain and guide you on shoe sizes. Therefore, stay with us till the end of this write-up.

Key Takeaways:

  • The New Balance shoes and sneakers are usually true to size.
  • As a shoe brand, they cater to people with medium-wide – wider feet.
  • Their dimensions differ from other brands ( Nike and Adidas) despite their exact standardized sizes.
  • To find the suitable size for the shoe, one must measure their feet 2-3 times to ensure accuracy.

Do New Balance Run Small?

The shoes from New Balance are always true to the sizes. It’s not like you have to wear them and use the shoes for a while to make them comfortable. Almost every model out there snugs pretty well to every type of foot. But if you compare it to the other brands, you will notice slight differences in the sizes. They have a variety of shoes that cater to different types of activities. 

Do New Balance Run Small

For walking, running, basketball, hiking, and so on, you will find shoes for men and women. What’s more exciting is that the shoes from this brand are very suitable for people with wide feet. Therefore, whether New Balance runs small or big for a few individuals, it doesn’t take anything away from the offerings the brand has for the majority. 

Are New Balance Shoes True to Size?

Usually, the shoes from different brands have different patterns in sizing. Now, Do new balance run big or small? It is a question anyone planning to buy a new balance shoe should ponder about. That said, New Balance says that most shoes are true to size, and most of their consumers also have the same opinion.

However, as we told you earlier, there are exceptions, which are relevant both for men and women. In reference to a particular model of men’s running shoes, around 8% of the consumers complained that they had had some issues regarding the size.

Factors Somewhat big/too big True to Size Relatively small/Too Small
Number of New Balance Men’s Customers 884 10504 27
Percentage of Reporting 7.74% 92.02% 0.23%

The exact process was carried out in the case of a women’s sneaker. Around 4% complained that their shoes either run small or big.

Factors Somewhat big/too big True to Size Relatively small/Too Small
Number of New Balance Women’s Customers 214 5678 29
Percentage of Reporting 3.61% 95.89% 0.48%

Therefore, you can see that the numbers with the shoes true to size are higher than the misfits.

How Do You Measure New Balance Shoe Size At Home?

If you are too confused about the shoe size you will get, we have a definitive guide for you. It’s a combination of a few simple steps that will enable you to know your accurate size. Here are the steps to follow to know the New Balance shoe size:

How Do You Measure New Balance Shoe Size At Home

  • Go bare feet by taking off the shoe or anything you are wearing. 
  • Project your foot against a wall with the heel touching floor.
  • Take a ruler and measure the lengthier side of your foot. 
  • Observe the Distance from the heel to the highest point of your foot 
  • Repeat the process 2-3 times to measure the accuracy of the readings.

After carrying out this process, you’ll get to know the accurate size of your feet, and it will ease the process of finding the right New Balance shoe for you.

New Balance Shoe Size Chart

Just like every other brand, the shoe sizes differ for men, women and children differ in every region. The dimensions are measured primarily on inches or centimeters and then standardized based on different areas. Here is the New Balance Size Chart for Men’s Shoe Size conversion:

Length (Inches) UK  US EU
8.6 3.5 4 36
8.8 4 4.5 37
9.0 4.5 5 37.5
9.25 5 5.5 38
9.4 5.5 6 38.5
9.6 6 6.5 39.5
9.8 6.5 7 40
10.0 7 7.5 40.5
10.2 7.5 8 41.5
10.4 8 8.5 42
10.6 8.5 9 42.5
10.8 9 9.5 43
11 9.5 10 44
11.2 10 10.5 44.5
11.4 10.5 11 45
11.6 11 11.5 45.5
11.8 11.5 12 46.5
12 12 12.5 47
12.2 12.5 13 47.5
12.6 13.5 14 49
13 14.5 15 50
13.4 15.5 16 51
13.8 16.5 17 52
14 17.5 18 53
14.4 18.5 19 54
14.8 19.5 20 55

The feet of women differ from men in terms of shape and size. You will see their starting size is much smaller than that of men. To get a good view, let’s look at the different standardized sizes for women:

Length(Inches) UK US EU
8.2 2 4 34
8.4 2.5 4.5 34.5
8.6 3 5 35
8.8 3.5 5.5 36
9 4 6 36.5
9.25 4.5 6.5 37
9.4 5 7 37.5
9.6 5.5 7.5 38
9.8 6 8 39
10 6.5 8.5 40
10.2 7 9 40.5
10.4 7.5 9.5 41
10.6 8 10 41.5
10.8 8.5 10.5 42.5
11 9 11 43
11.2 9.5 11.5 43.5
11.4 10 12 44
11.6 10.5 12.5 45
11.8 11 13 45.5
12 11.5 13.5 46
12.2 12 14 46.5
12.6 13 15 48

As we have covered the shoe sizes for both men and women, the kids’(4-12 years) sizes are below.

Length (Inches) Shoe-type UK Kids US Kids EU Kids
6.625 Pre-School 10 10.5 28
6.75 Pre-School 10.5 11 28.5
7 Pre-School 11 11.5 29
7.125 Pre-School 11.5 12 30
7.25 Pre-School 12 12.5 30.5
7.5 Pre-School 12.5 13 31
7.625 Pre-School 13 13.5 32
7.75 Pre-School 13.5 1 32.5
8 Pre-School 1 1.5 33
8.125 Pre-School 1.5 2 33.5
8.25 Pre-School 2 2.5 34.5
8.5 Pre-School 2.5 3 35
8.625 Grade-School 3 3.5 35.5
8.75 Grade-School 3.5 4 36
9 Grade-School 4 4.5 37
9.125 Grade-School 4.5 5 37.5
9.25 Grade-School 5 5.5 38
9.5 Grade-School 5.5 6 38.5
9.625 Grade-School 6 6.5 39
9.75 Grade-School 6.5 7 39.5

New Balance Shoe Width Chart

In comparison to brands like Nike or Adidas,  New Balance makes boots for wide feet.  And that is why you must check the measure of the width before buying. Now, the width for both men and women differ as they have different foot shapes. For making your job easier, we are adding the width chart for both men and women below:

Men’s Shoe Widths
2A B D 2E 4E 6E
X-Narrow Narrow Standard Wide X-Wide XX-Wide
Women’s Shoe Widths
4A 2A B D 2E 4E
X-Narrow Narrow Standard Wide X-Wide XX-Wide

How Do New Balance Shoes Fit?

As a shoe and sneaker brand, New Balance promises the comfort of the highest level. They have a line of products that can cater to every type of activity. That said, if you are new to this brand, it won’t take much time to adjust. Especially, every new pair of shoes is always a bit uncomfortable to start with. With the New Balance shoes, this issue with the adjustment is much less compared to other brands like Nike or Adidas. 

How Do New Balance Shoes Fit

Whatever model you buy for any activity, it would take a few minutes to get fully adjusted. However, some users have complaints regarding the fit. Their concerns are valid to some extent but don’t show you the overall picture.

New Balance shoes are best for medium-wide feet, and they feel true to size. These shoes offer enough scope so that your toes won’t feel crunched. That said, if you want to have the right fit, you better abide by the following guidelines:

  • Fit your heels snugly so that it avoids slipping.
  • Ensure enough space around the toe box.
  • The foot arch and midsole should be in the perfect placement.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Size New Balance Shoes

Finding the correct shoe is not always easy as it seems to be. You might know your size, but not all the brands may have the perfect fit for you. That is why it is necessary to make the buying decision cautiously while selecting a shoe. Here are a few tips that would help you buy the perfect size new balance shoes:

Tips for Finding the Perfect Size New Balance Shoes

Measure the feet size

The first and foremost criterion is to know the accurate size of your feet. Using a similar shoe size for years might not help in the longer run. As you grow old, your ligaments and tissues attached to the bones stretch. This stretching does affect your feet’ shape and thus your shoe size. Therefore, if you plan to buy a New Balance Shoe after a long time, measure your foot size correctly.

Check your feet at the end of the day

Some people get their feet swollen at the end of the day. It isn’t a typical scenario, but you’ll buy something small if it happens. Therefore, figure out if you have such issues by using the usual feet measuring process at the end of the day.

Have proper knowledge of sizes

There is no universal shoe size available for everyone. Depending on manufacturers and regions, shoes are classified in different sizing formats. Every prominent brand follows this format, and you need to know them properly.

Perfect fit depends on the larger foot

One foot always tends to be slightly larger than the other. Therefore, try it on your larger foot before selecting the suitable model and size. That said, buy the one that fits your larger foot. However, if the difference between your larger and smaller foot is more than 1 inch, better to go for two different-sized shoes.

New Balance Vs. Nike Sizing

Both New Balance and Nike are big brands in the running shoe and sneaker market. They are competing very well, while customers often switch between their products. But slight differences set these brands apart when it comes to sizing. There are specific factors that matter in this case, which is described as follows:


Despite bearing similar sizing standards (the US, UK, and EU), there are differences in measurements of the lengths in Nike and New Balance. A sneaker from Nike with US 6 will be 0.3 cm smaller than a sneaker from New Balance with a similar size. The New Balance ones are 0.5-1 size lengthier than Nike’s.


When it comes to width, the New Balance shoes are generally wider than Nike ones. Apart from a few models from the Air Zoom series, Nike tends to be on the narrower side.

Fitting – Do new balance run smaller than nike?

If you have this question going through your mind, we have an answer. Do new balance run smaller than nike? If you have this thing going in your mind, we have an answer for you. Nike shoes and sneakers generally run small. People ordering them must go 1-1.5 sizes higher. Whereas the New Balance Shoes are true to sizes and fit well within the dimensions.

New Balance Vs. Adidas Sizing

Just like Nike, New Balance also has some sizing differences from Adidas. But the differences here aren’t that visible or can be felt. Does new balance run small than adidas? Well, no. The New Balance shoes are a few millimeters bigger than that of Adidas. That’s why it is recommended to buy something half a size ahead. And since both these brands make TTS shoes, width is never a significant issue. 


Sneakers, shoes, or boots from New Balance are some top-class offerings that can cater to different activities. The brand has been for long in the market for and has acquired a loyal segment.  Shifting from brands is common as customers want to try different things. If you’re going to change to New Balance, you must have a decent idea about their sizing and fitting.

The main aim of this article was to let you know the aspects involved in the sizing of New Balance shoes. It will also guide you in buying the proper size if you are shifting or new to the brand. We hope that helps your case. Other than this, if you feel we missed out on anything, do let us know. 

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