Are Vans Bad For Your Feet?

Are Vans Bad For Your Feet

Selecting the wrong pair of shoes can be annoying and unhealthy for your feet. It is very hard to choose the best-suited shoes in today’s world. However, if you plan to get Vans, you may naturally wonder whether Vans are bad for your Feet. Vans can be either good or bad for your feet, depending …

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Do New Balance Run Small?

Do New Balance Run Small

Your shoe size matters as it will impact the performance and experience while doing any activity. All the big brands try to make the consumer experience smooth as it will affect them in the longer run. And New Balance is no different from it. New Balance has been there since the 1900s and has a …

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Do You Wear Socks With Crocs?

Do You Wear Socks With Crocs

There was a time when sneakers and shoes with laces were very popular among people of different ages. But nowadays, crocs have taken that place, and people are very fond of crocs’ unique design and structure. Even public figures have also started coming in public wearing casual crocs that have caught everyone’s eyes. Still, one …

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Can Birkenstocks Get Wet – Easy Tips To Dry It!

Can Birkenstocks Get Wet

Birkenstock is a sandal that is very versatile as well as comfortable. It has an adaptable design and color. Therefore, people can wear them with any outfit. You probably have seen your hipster friend on campus with this sandal, which brings you here. You may wonder, can Birkenstocks get wet? Yes, they get wet when …

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How To Clean White Converse Without Turning Them Yellow?

How To Clean White Converse Without Turning Them Yellow

White converse looks dashing when it’s neat, but when it gets dirty, everyone will also notice. That’s why we tend to wash them regularly. But, surprisingly, you might be washing your converse most times and notice that the color is changing to yellow instead of white. Many of us have experienced that on several occasions. …

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Mink Oil Ruined My Boots – 4 Easy Method to Fix!

Mink Oil Ruined My Boots

Mink oil for boots is a conditioner for leather shoes developed traditionally from the belly fat of mink. It originates from the material culture of Native America. Many leather workers and shoe enthusiasts go crazy for mink oil. That is because the oil absorbs very fast, making your leather shoe very soft. What if mink …

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Should You Buy Boots Half Size Bigger? (Explained)

Should You Buy Boots Half Size Bigger

When shopping for boots to wear, one thing you want to consider is the size of the boots. For instance, if you’re working all day and need to be comfortable in your boots, should you buy boots half size bigger? Will wearing such boots have any impact on your comfort? Certain factors determine whether you …

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Can You Wear Cowboy Boots With a Suit?

Can You Wear Cowboy Boots With a Suit

Outfits have been evolving since the BCs till now. The craze was from when men wore gowns to when paupers cap or fedora hearts bent upwards. Then also, cowboys mostly wore cowboy boots and fedora hearts with a suit. So, can you wear cowboy boots with a suit in this generation? The beauty of the …

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Can Steel Toe Boots Cause Foot Problems?

Can Steel Toe Boots Cause Foot Problems

Steel toe boots are great for workshop use as they’ll help to prevent unpleasant workshop accidents. A heavy piece of metal can accidentally fall off the workbench onto your feet. In such an instance, you’d be grateful you had good boots on. But no withstanding all the good it does, steel boots can also be …

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Can Flat Shoes Cause Back Pain? (You Should Know)!

Can Flat Shoes Cause Back Pain

Everyone will likely experience back pain at one point in their lives. If it is not at present, it can be in the future. Are you already having pains in your back? Check on the type of shoes you wear to know why. Most people do not understand that the shoes they wear play a …

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